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Why are most Americans obese and we’re going to analyze their diet

If you have a careful understanding, you must know that there are more than one hundred and ninety countries in the world. Some countries have very similar food cultures, while others are quite different. But then again childhood obesity in america 2020, the health of the people in a country depends on the food culture, so let’s talk about the United States today.

Although the United States has the title of the world’s largest country, but the local people are very fat, so some friends want to know why? In fact, Xiao Ai personally thinks that the main reason is the food they eat, so let’s take a look at what their daily meals are, maybe we can find the answer from it. What do you think, foodies?For breakfast, Americans will have two or three pieces of toast and a glass of milk. If they are hungry evidence based obesity prevention programs, they will have some baked sausages. Although these foods taste delicious, they are high in calories. When I woke up in the morning, the digestive system of my stomach was not so perfect. I just ate these greasy foods and didn’t want to get fat. In fact, I still didn’t believe it.

In the United States, the pace is so fast that local people do not have time to cook at noon, so they go to the nearby fast food restaurants leading causes of obesity in america. A mention of fast food restaurant, I think we will think of this KFC, KFC inside there are hamburgers, Fried chicken, Fried chicken leg, Fried chicken pieces, French fries, Cola and so on, although said after eating stomach is very full, but want to completely consume their calories is not simple.

And finally, dinner. Americans are more free in the evening, so the dinner will be more abundant naturally, a steak, some pasta, finally with a glass of red wine, is how comfortable a thing. These are the three meals that Americans eat each day, and it makes sense to look fat after reading them. If there’s anything you’d like to say, please let xiaoai know in the comments below. Now, as people’s material conditions have improved, the obesity rate has also increased slowly. The overall obesity rate in China has reached 12 percent. One in 10 people are obese, but do you know what the obesity rate is in the United States? Thirty-one percent. That’s more than twice as much as in China, which is basically one person for every three people, and the Chinese are not as heavy as the Americans. According to statistics, the number of people who use weight-loss surgery to lose weight around the world every year is about 500,000 articles on childhood obesity in america, while the United States has 150,000 to 200,000 every year. Why are they so fat?Until China became the fattest nation in the world, the United States was the fattest nation. In addition to the high number of obese people, the United States is also extremely fat, arguably no other country in the world can match this point. Why are Americans so fat and still so fat? To understand why, start by understanding their eating habits.

Americans like sweet food very much. Their supermarket is full of all kinds of sweet food, such as chocolate, bread, biscuits and so on. These foods with high sugar content are deeply loved by Americans. In recent years, this kind of junk food has taken over our country in large Numbers. More and more people start to eat chocolate, bread, donuts and so on. So there are more and more fat people in China. In addition to foods that are naturally high in sugar, they also have a strong liking for dips. Many people know that Americans eat their vegetables raw. But what they don’t know is that they don’t eat them raw. They eat them with a dip. And most of the sauces they sell have a high proportion of sugar and oil in them. In addition to vegetables, they have also developed a variety of fruit dipping sauces, which also contain a lot of sugar.The other thing is that they’re really sparsely populated and cheap, and a lot of meat is really cheap. So they try their best to eat beef and mutton. Once they eat too much of these things, how can they lose weight? In China, a bowl of beef noodles may not contain much meat or even beef. In America, by contrast, few people do not eat enough meat because it is relatively inexpensive.

In America, here’s a tip for telling the difference between rich and poor: The rich tend not to be fat, and a large proportion of fat people are poor. Because rich people spend time exercising, working out, and eating lots of vegetables. But poor people don’t have the time and money to get fit and lose weight. In the past, the poor people in China ate badly and were very thin. The rich people could eat a lot of meat and were very fat. But in future, I fear, obesity will be the preserve of the poor. Because only the people who are not self-disciplined how to prevent childhood obesity, who have no time to exercise, the whole people who think about food and drink will be fat, and such people are unfortunately poor.

How does a typical Chinese otaku live? Eat a dessert, snacks (donuts, Coke, potato chips), appetizer to a Fried wings, French fries, dinner with rice. Drink a few large cokes and have some dessert, chocolate, ice cream. After eating and drinking, you lie on the couch with the TV on and pillow-sized chips. Come down to this kind of life, you don’t fat who fat?Economic development will lead to obesity, I don’t know when the economy to a certain extent, can eliminate obesity, what do you think childhood obesity prevention programs?

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