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What kind of Chinese food do foreigners like best? Talk English for you to find out the secrets

When it comes to food, our country is renowned all over the world. Cooking techniques such as frying, blasting, saute, frying, cooking, frying, sticking, burning, stewed, stewed, diving, boiling and so on can produce various kinds of food. Not only our people are fascinated by it, but also foreign friends are quite thumb up. So, do you know what kind of Chinese food foreigners like most? Now, Open English will give you the big mystery.


The Szechuan McChicken ®

McDonald’s Canada has launched a Sichuan Spicy Chicken McNuggets Burger! The Szechuan sauce, the soul of the burger, was first introduced by McDonald’s North America in 1998 during the release of Mulan

It’s available for special release

A limited edition

It was a natural recluse to history, but it made a comeback in 2017 with the release of the hit cartoon “Rick and Morty,” with prices spiking as high as $200 for a box on eBay.

The slogan of the Sichuan Hot Burger is:

Our Classic McChicken® Packed with a Punch! The Szechuan McChicken® is belt-topped with a Szechuan-flavoured mayonnaise-style sauce.

Our classic Chicken McNuggets are hot! Spicy Chicken McNuggets Burger with Sichuan Mayonnaise Sauce.

McChicken ® stay on chicken

– Punching your taste buds – part of a spicy dish

Szechuan sichuan

Mayonnaise mayonnaise


American Chinese Food

Jenny: In North America, Chinese restaurants often show two different genres under their signs:

Cantonese Cantonese

Sichuan style Szechuan

To cater to local tastes, Chinese restaurants have changed their dishes to:

Americanized Americanized

There are mainly these types of American-style Chinese restaurants that have sprung up everywhere:

Mall Food Court is located in the Mall Food Court

Buffet buffet

And the most famous of the fast food chains:
Panda Express

Because the localization of American Chinese fast food makes it lose its original flavor, the dishes become very different from traditional Chinese food:

They are not authentic

Dripping with sauce sauce

The thickened thicken

Unnatural with a color

03.Popular Chinese Food

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dishes in American Chinese food.

Kung Pao chicken

Jenny: It’s a must-have dish in every Chinese restaurant in North America! A: I’m a vegetarian. I didn’t have Kung Pao Toufu chicken, but I did have Kung Pao Toufu!

Orange chicken

General Tso’s chicken

The three are often confusing, with tangerine chicken tasting sweet and sour, General Tso’s spicy, and kung pao chicken stir-fried with vegetables and peanuts.
Sweet & sour pork

B: Beef and broccoli
And what are some popular soups?

Hot & sour soup

Wonton Soup

Chinese corn soup

Egg drop soup

Popular choices among staple foods are:

Pot stickers potstickers Steamed rice

Fried rice, Fried rice

Fried noodles Fried noodles

Chow Mein /Low Mein /Lo Mein
Cantonese cha chaan teng is also very popular in North America! In Chinatown, the business of authentic teahouses is very, very strong.

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