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We will make every effort to create a high-quality tax business environment

For deepening the reform of “pipes”, comprehensive build under the rule of law, facilitation, high-quality business environment, the taxpayers should be resolved to reflect the “dot” “pain points” problem of “difficulty”, since this year, yuzhong tax bureau adhere to the taxpayers as the center, to carry out the tax spring breeze action “convenient”, launched several new measures and enterprise polity, to create high-quality tax business environment.

We will expand the “fast track” for handling taxes. The Bureau collaborates with the real estate management department to solve the problems of information exchange and process optimization in the two systems of tax collection and management and real estate registration, and uses the big data platform to realize “one window acceptance” of real estate transaction, tax payment, registration and certificate handling, which opens a “convenient fast lane” for taxpayers’ real estate transactions.If you would like to use turbotax deluxe 2020 you could get the best price on turbotax deluxe with state 2020 from our store.

We will move forward with the implementation of an all-in-one network for tax-related matters. The E-Taxation Bureau has connected with provincial and municipal government affairs platforms in an all-around way, continuously expanded the scope of online tax-related business, sorted out the list of business matters of the E-Taxation Bureau, and promoted the “whole-process e-Taxation Bureau”. The online handling rate of major tax-related services has reached more than 90%, realizing the “one-network operation” of major tax-related businesses for taxpayers. At the same time, to promote the “non-contact” tax handling as the starting point, strengthen the operation and maintenance guarantee, more than 190 tax matters to achieve “non-contact” handling.

Service tax relief “one for one”. The Bureau combined with the actual situation of different taxpayers, targeted to produce the “Enterprise Entitled Tax Preferential Policies Notice”, to achieve “one enterprise one policy”, convenient taxpayers timely grasp and enjoy the policy dividend. Equipped with “chief tax service officers” for enterprises, through visiting households, telephone network and other “point-to-point” to provide enterprises with all-round, whole process of tax services, timely grasp the situation of enterprises, quickly respond to the demands of enterprises, help to deal with tax-related issues.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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