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ULA successfully launches mysterious reconnaissance satellite SpaceX with a manned launch delayed

Despite the tropical storm, the US space exploration technology company SpaceX and its rival United Launch Alliance (ULA) have taken a very different approach.ULA successfully launched its Atlas V rocket on Friday to put a mysterious satellite of the US government’s National Reconnaissance Office into orbit united launch alliance next launch. SpaceX and NASA have announced that the first commercial manned launch of the Dragon spacecraft will be delayed by 24 hours and is expected to take place on the night of November 15 EASTERN Time.
The Argentine satellite was originally scheduled to launch as early as March 30, but its launch was delayed due to coVID-19 related restrictions and technical delays. The Falcon 9 rocket booster that launched SAOCOM 1B was even replaced during delays, from B1051 to B1059, as SpaceX struggled to fill in the gaps on its list with internal starlink missions. Now, the technical launch delay of NROL-44 has pushed the Falcon 9 rocket mission from August 27 to the evening of August 30.Finally, before the nROL-44 launch is delayed, SpaceX’s 11th spacewalk mission is scheduled for August 30. ULA’s launch delay added considerable uncertainty, pushing starlink satellite launch to Sept. 1 at one point before the launch date was rescheduled to late August. Assuming SpaceX still needs to wait for ULA to launch, the most likely option would be August 31, since the company would need two launches in less than 10 hours.

At a news conference ahead of the launch, Benji Reed, SpaceX’s senior director for manned spaceflight, said the delay was due to the impact of tropical storm Eta, which had plagued Florida for days, on recovery efforts.Unfavourable weather conditions have caused several delays to SpaceX and ULA launches over the past few weeks live rocket launch countdown coverage. The LAUNCH of ULA was originally scheduled for November 3, but was delayed from November 4 to November 8 and then to November 13 due to damage to the rocket and ground support equipment due to strong winds. The launch was not successful until November 14.

Similarly, SpaceX’s first commercial manned launch mission (KAR-1) was thwarted by bad weather, but not by the rocket itself. Following the successful launch and landing of the falcon 9 booster, the most recent GPS II-SV 04 mission, on November 5, the SpaceX recovery team had to wrestle with a turbulent sea in an effort to safely return the booster and the unmanned recovery ship OCISLY to Port Canaveral.

The unmanned ship was due to take part in a KG-1 booster mission this weekend, but OCISLY was forced to delay the launch for seven days off the EAST coast of the US due to high winds and rough seas from a tropical storm.Recovering the Falcon 9 booster is a secondary mission in any mission, but the B1061 is so vital to NASA and SpaceX that it has forced them to delay the launch attempt. NASA and SpaceX have decided that the booster will be reused for the next manned mission, KG-2, no earlier than March 30, 2021. To reuse the booster to save launch costs, it must first be successfully recovered.

If all goes according to plan, three NASA astronauts and one from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will board the Dragon spacecraft on Nov. 15 and blast off at 7:27 p.m. Edt from the Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX is planning three major launches in 10 hours, spacecraft, chain, satellite

In recent years, private exploration vehicle set more than one record in the space, the successful launch of manned spacecraft dragon and recycling, satellite global Internet star chain form, falcon rocket booster and fairing recycle and reuse spacex falcon 9 launch countdown, the giant starship prototype’s first flight into success, capsules has been unusual in 2020 made amazing achievements instead, today, to raise, founder of mas, has has been a lot of people as a god-like figure, so he got the title of a madman “universe”.SpaceX, however, is not getting too proud. Instead, it is speeding up space development. In August 2020, SpaceX plans to launch three major space launches, the Argentine SAOCOM satellite, the 12th satellite chain, and the Starship SN6, within 10 hours of U.S. Eastern Time on August 30. Many were surprised to learn that three major space launches by a private space company took place in less than 10 hours, a feat that, if successful, would set a new space record.

Capsules, of course, was not deliberately will arrange to launch three times on the same day 10 hours, because the American Delta IV rocket launch secret 44 national reconnaissance office (NROL – 44) spy satellite delay effect, in the eastern United States Delta IV rocket planned launch time on August 27th, but due to various reasons, had to be postponed to August 29, had been so capsules Argentina SAOCOM satellite and chain group of 11 star satellite launch plan postponed to August 30.Since the full-size starship sn6 through the final ground test – static fire tests, inspections have been flying for second leap and preparation, to know the starship sn6 and SN5 different places on the raptor engine, use raptor engine SN27 SN5, and sn6 using raptor sn29 engine, will begin with a second jump flight schedule on August 29, lasts from 8 am to 8 PM, but now I don’t know what the reason, will jump flight time has been postponed to August 30.The unroofed starship SN6, which is about 30 meters high and 9 meters in diameter, is mostly made of 301L stainless steel, and SpaceX’s main purpose is to send a large number of humans to Mars and build an industrial city on the barren planet to exploit the only thick mineral resources on Mars. Several previous versions of starship SN6 have now been tested, including liquid nitrogen cryogenics, wet dress rehearsals, static fire measurements, and ground-shaking flight tests live rocket launch countdown coverage.

The SAOCOM 1B satellite belongs to Argentina. It is a sister satellite of SAOCOM 1A, launched from California in October 2018, and is mainly used for earth observation and radar detection. It weighs about 1,600 kg, operates at altitudes between 615 km and 634 km, and has an in-orbit life of about five years. The SAOCOM 1B satellite is now being launched on a SpaceX Falcon rocket and is scheduled to launch at 7:19 PM on August 30.

SAOCOM 1B has multiple loads.Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR-L) is an L-band instrument with standard, high resolution and global coverage operating modes, ranging in resolution from 7 m to 100 m, and with coverage ranging from 50 km to 400 km. Dedicated large-capacity solid-state recorder with a capacity of 100 Gbits can be used to store pictures. A high-bit-rate downlink system with two X-band channels, each with a transmission speed of 150 Mbits/s.A successful launch of the 12th satellite chain, scheduled for August 30th cape canaveral countdown clock live, will have more than 700 satellites in low Earth orbit belonging to SpaceX, which will become the world’s largest satellite company, even more than any other country. According to SpaceX, the satellites are mainly used to form the satellite Internet, transmitting data faster than modern networks. To achieve the global Internet, SpaceX plans to launch 30,000 satellites, an astonishing feat that could revolutionize the world’s Internet in the future. SpaceX launched SAOCOM 1A from California in October 2018, and SAOCOM 1B is almost identical to it. It is worth noting, however, that the satellite will be launched from Florida, the first polar launch planned for the US east coast in half a century. That’s largely because SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will make “sharp turns” in flight countdown for today’s cape canaveral launch, changing its trajectory to avoid overflying densely populated areas launch schedule cape canaveral 2021.

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