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These 4 bad habits are easy to get high blood pressure

Hypertension is not only a common disease among the elderly, but also the primary risk factor of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The risk of hypertension increases with age. So do only the elderly get high blood pressure home remedy to lower blood pressure instantly? The answer is no. Epidemiological data show that hypertension is getting younger and younger in China, and the prevalence of hypertension among young people is on the rise.

Isn’t high blood pressure just for the elderly?Some time ago, Yao Yanni, an attending doctor in the first Central Hospital of Baoding City, received xiao Zhang, a 30-year-old male patient with high blood pressure in the outpatient clinic. Xiao Zhang found high blood pressure by accident 7 years ago. At that time, he did not have dizziness, headache and other symptoms, so he did not take it seriously. Later, Xiao Zhang occasionally measured blood pressure, also higher than 170/100mmhg, but Xiao Zhang thought he was still young, should be ok. However what foods lower blood pressure immediately, a few days ago, Xiao Zhang began to have frequent headaches and sometimes could not see clearly. He went to a nearby clinic to have his blood pressure measured as high as 220/110mmhg and needed oral antihypertensive drugs to relieve his symptoms. Xiao Zhang began to worry about his health, so he came to the department of Cardiology.

Causes of high blood pressure in young people.Xiao Zhang is young, why is blood pressure so high? It turns out that Both xiao Zhang’s parents suffer from hypertension and he has a family history of hypertension. Secondly, he is overweight, likes staying up late and smokes. After work, xiao zhang has irregular meals and often works late into the night. Skewers and beer become the standard for midnight snacks.So how to get blood pressure down immediately, what kind of people are prone to high blood pressure? One is genetic and genetic factors. Hypertension is specific and obvious familial aggregation. The prevalence rates of hypertension in children were 3%, 28% and 46%, respectively, for both parents without hypertension, one parent with hypertension or both parents with hypertension family. Second, dietary factors. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure. Third, social psychological stress factors. According to the survey, the mental long-term or repeatedly in the state of stress of the occupation, its high prevalence of hypertension; Stressful events, such as rage, excessive panic and sadness, make the mental nerve suffer a sharp shock, which can lead to the occurrence and development of hypertension. Obesity, smoking, aging, physical inactivity, and sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome are also important risk factors for increased blood pressure.

Besides taking medicine, what else should patients with hypertension pay attention to?

1. natural remedy for high blood pressure is Weight loss: Keep bmi < 24kg/m as much as possible. ; (BMI= weight/height? For example: height: 160cm, weight: 50kg, BMI=19.53.), waist circumference: < 90cm for men, < 80cm for women;

2. Reduce sodium intake: About 80% of dietary sodium comes from cooking salt and all kinds of salted products, so reduce cooking salt;

3. Potassium supplement: Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and beans every day;

4, reduce fat intake: reduce edible oil intake, eat less or do not eat fat meat and animal organs;

5. Quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke, limit alcohol;

6, increase exercise: exercise is beneficial to reduce weight, improve cardiovascular adjustment and adaptability, stabilize blood pressure level, aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, exercise for more than 30 minutes a day, 5-7 times a week;

7, reduce mental pressure, maintain a balanced attitude.

Obesity is not a good thing, it can cause all kinds of diseases, including high blood pressure. Obese people accumulate a lot of fat in their bodies, with high blood lipids and high blood viscosity, so they need more pressure to ensure normal blood circulation, thus resulting in high blood pressure. And obese people tend to have diabetes, which is also a cause of high blood pressure.Many young people are under great pressure in life and are always in a state of high tension and herbs that lower blood pressure immediately. Such a state is easy to stimulate the sympathetic nerve, cause the heart rate to accelerate and blood pressure to rise. However, in a long term, it is easy to cause damage to blood vessels and form long-term hypertension.

Many people may not realize that smoking is also associated with high blood pressure. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is very harmful to health. It can stimulate the heart and adrenal glands, causing a rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. Long-term and large amount of smoking is easy to cause arteriolosclerosis, will also lead to elevated blood lipid, aggravating the process of atherosclerosis. Therefore, people who have the habit of smoking must actively quit smoking in order to be healthy.

People who drink regularly are also more likely to develop high blood pressure. A small amount of alcohol can cause transient hypotension, but if a large amount of alcohol is drunk, it can lead to increased blood pressure resilience. If you are a patient with hypertension, drinking alcohol will also cause damage to the function of vital organs in the body, causing acute myocardial obstruction, hypertensive encephalopathy and other serious consequences.If young people have the above characteristics herbs for high blood pressure treatment, to cause attention, timely correction of bad habits, lest hypertension come. So how can high blood pressure be prevented?

If you want to prevent the occurrence of hypertension, you should pay attention to your diet first in your life, limit the intake of salt and sugar, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and avoid smoking and alcohol abuse. If the patients are obese, we must actively lose weight, control the weight, also should control the blood lipid, keep the blood lipid in the normal range. Life should be good at regulating their own emotions, learn to eliminate bad emotions, keep a positive, optimistic mood. Every day should adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise, can strengthen the body, prevent the occurrence of various diseases, hypertension naturally won’t come.

The occurrence of hypertension is mostly related to poor diet and living habits, and its occurrence is not completed in a moment, which needs a long process. The risk of developing high blood pressure is much higher if you are obese at a young age, have high mental stress, smoke a lot and drink a lot. Accordingly, young people must stay away from above a few risk factors, develop good life and eating habits and teas to lower blood pressure immediately, just can stay away from the intrusion of hypertension.

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