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The UK government’s Department for Pensions bought 11,000 iPhone Ss at a 5% discount to the retail price

Apple and IBM have reportedly formed a close partnership in recent years to promote the adoption of the iPhone in corporate and government applications. This cooperation has gained new progress recently. The latest news is that Apple has a purchase order for 11,000 iPhone SE devices from the UK government.

The order is reportedly from the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions. However, the UK government agency did not sign a deal with Apple directly, but instead made the purchase through XMA, an Apple reseller.

The iPhone, which normally retails for 399 pounds in the UK, was bought at a slight discount of 5 percent, at 380 pounds ($526). The total purchase was estimated to be 4.18 million pounds ($5.78 million).

As well as the phone, the Department for Work and Pensions has also procured a two-year “enterprise iOS tech support service” from Apple partner IBM, also through third-party company Bramble Hub.

The iPhone’s most important market is the consumer sector, but in recent years Apple and partners like IBM have pushed into the corporate and government markets. The biggest corporate phone order the two won together came from United Airlines. Earlier this year, Apple and Verizon, the US telecoms operator, launched a new programme to encourage companies to upgrade their employees’ business phones to the iPhone in bulk.

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USA News and Story 2021
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