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The funny dead James Blalock as the Trump campaign calls them is still alive

Two people who the Trump campaign deemed “dead” and “voted illegally” in Georgia are still alive and well…Embarrassing: The “dead”, identified by the Trump campaign, is alive.

The fox News host, who had helped Mr Trump publicise the incident, apologised, but only in a “slightly overtly” way.According to newsweek of November 13, on November 11, the Trump campaign tweeted that James Blalock, a World War II veteran from Georgia, had voted illegally in the election.

Blalock died 14 years ago, trump War Room tweeted.Fox News host Tucker Carlson not only recounted the story on his show, but also wrote an opinion article about it on the news site.He wrote, “Blalock was a mail carrier for 33 years until his death in 2006. And according to state records, 14 years later, he’s still sending stuff.”

“James Blalock voted in last week’s election. How did he do it?” However, Atlanta, Georgia officials denied the claim and said Blalock did not vote, 11Alive reported Wednesday.Embarrassing: The “dead”, identified by the Trump campaign, is alive.”Two alleged ‘dead’ Georgia voters are still alive and well.

Voting was blalock’s widow. She registered as “Mrs. James E. Blalock, Jr.,” which she signed at the time of the vote.Embarrassing: The “dead”, identified by the Trump campaign, is alive

Her county explained in a Nov. 12 Posting that “media reports of a deceased voter voting in Newtown County are inaccurate.” In addition, both the Trump war room and the Carlson op-ed cited Linda Kesler, a Georgia resident who voted when she died in 2003.Embarrassing: The “dead”, identified by the Trump campaign, is alive.

However, the local Jackson County Board of Elections later clarified that a woman named Linda Kessler did vote, but that it was not the same person at all, that she had “a different address, a different birthday, a different zip code and was eligible to vote.” Even so, Mr Trump claimed he had failed to win Georgia because of widespread “vote-rigging”. In the 2016 election, Trump defeated his rival Hillary Clinton in the state.And on the night of 11Alive’s “slap in the face,” Fox News host Carson responded.He apologized to the audience for one of the clarifications, saying, “Tonight we have some good news and one more apology to tell. One voter in last week’s election was not killed. James Blalock is dead. We talked about him, but his wife voted. She voted under the name ‘Mrs. James Blalock’. It’s an old way of expressing nostalgia.” After quietly criticising the voters, Mr Carlson insisted that “there was a really large number of deceased people who voted”, but “not James Blalock”.

“It was Mrs. James Blalock. So I apologize for that, and of course, we always know to correct our mistakes. This time too.” He bragged in his apology.Related: Uncovering “election fraud” : Trump campaign says dead votes were taken.Your browser is temporarily unable to play this video.Uncovering “election fraud” : # Trump team says dead votes have been found.On November 10 local time, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany mentioned evidence of “election fraud” on Fox News. She showed 234 pages of voter testimony and said 60 percent of people in one Michigan county had the same signature, as well as repeated counts and “dead votes.”

Can the dead vote? The truth about the ghost vote, “electoral fraud” is not Trump’s call.After a few days of keeping a relatively low profile, the familiar Donald Trump is back with a double whammy of tweets this morning, all caps! Number one: “We are making great progress, and beginning next week the results will come out, making America great again!” Number two: “We will win”! (The Chief Executive has a penchant for capital letters lately) It came a day after U.S. Attorney General Barr authorized federal prosecutors to investigate substantive allegations of voting irregularities, his first comments since Mr. Trump’s allegations of election fraud. In a memo to his prosecutors, he said: ‘In certain cases, I authorize you to pursue allegations of irregularities in voting and counting before your district certifies the results of elections.’Embarrassing: The “dead”, identified by the Trump campaign, is alive.Barr’s memo was careful to emphasize, for example, that exaggerated, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched allegations should not be the basis for a federal investigation. Nor does authorizing the investigation suggest that the Justice Department has found evidence that could have influenced the outcome of the election.

Trump and White House officials did not ask Barr to make the statement. In keeping with a longstanding policy, the Justice Department should not open an investigation until the election results have been certified. Baal authorization is issued, the department of justice election crime unit, the director of the Pilger (Richard Pilger) resignation “lightning”, wrote in an E-mail sent to colleagues, the justice minister, barr is released an important new policy, “the New Deal abandoned before the results are controversial, accredited, (justice) in 40 years not to interfere in fraud investigation policy.”

There have been numerous allegations of electoral fraud, the most lurid of which is the “dead vote”, and there is no reason to believe that the Democrats are using the dead to steal Michigan votes. Newt Gingrich, a republican former house speaker, Richard Grenell, a former acting director of national intelligence, and members of the Trump family all claim that the Dead are being used to steal Michigan votes.

And this is the second day after the elections in the United States, led by former ivy league players went on to become the right network reporter Fletcher (Austen Fletcher), he said in a video posted on the twitter, found registered voters in Michigan website file, one born in 1900 and 1902, four people submit an application for the absentee ballots. It has since sparked heated discussion on social media.

And what’s going on here? One voter who will win 2020 presidential election fox, a 74-year-old Michigan woman, applied for an absentee ballot for the first time. She did not include her birthday when she applied, so the system assumed she was born on January 1, 1901. The clerk in Hamlin, her town of 3,400, had to drive to her house to get a copy of the voter’s driver’s license so she could be eligible to vote. But the clerk did not update the Internet information after obtaining the driver’s license information. The other three ghost tickets were in a similar situation.Two days after election Day, the clerk received 18 calls and at least 20 emails asking if she was involved in election fraud. But the phantom ticket rumors don’t stop there. Fletcher 7 announced that he would release the names of the thousands of people who voted in Michigan.

The same story happens in other parts of Michigan, like Detroit. Among the names Mr. Fletcher released was William Bradley who will win 2020 presidential election, a Detroit-area voter who was mistakenly shown as his late father in his voting message because the two had the same name and zip code. Mr. Bradley, who voted by mail for the first time this year, said the ballot didn’t require his birthday, and he mailed out the ballot in September. His father, who died, also mailed his absentee ballot in September, and Bradley never voted, according to the Michigan state website.

Fletcher’s tweet about the phantom vote was retweeted hundreds of thousands of times, and was so influential that the Michigan state government tweeted in response: Fact-checking showed that the deceased’s vote was not counted. In rare cases, the votes of a living voter are registered as those of a deceased voter, such as an incorrect birth date or a son having the same surname as his father. In this case, the people who vote are eligible and have no influence on the outcome of the election.

The State of Michigan updated the ghost ballot again today to highlight that the state has not heard of a single case of a dead man voting.A November 4 tweet by Matt Mackowiak, a Republican consultant from Texas 2020 presidential election winner predictions, further laid the charges of electoral fraud against Mr Biden. He posted a screenshot of an election map showing 100 percent of Michigan’s last 100, 000 votes cast for Biden. Two hours later, Trump retweeted the tweet, in uppercase: What’s going on here?After McCovick later learned it was a system failure, he deleted the tweet. And re-posted: “A county in Michigan has a clerical error.” And the bug was fixed 30 minutes later. But compared to the previous tweet, the traffic was poor.

The AP fact-check wrote that the phantom vote allegations occur every presidential election and that there is no evidence for the 2020 charges.

Equipment using the Dominion presidential filing deadline by state, a Canadian voting machine company, is in the media spotlight. The voting machine maker controls more than a third of the voting machine market in the United States and is used in key swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Election officials found glitches with some voting machines in Both Michigan and Georgia, but the company denied any equipment problems.Antrim County, a Republican County in northern Michigan, where Trump beat Clinton by 62 percent in 2016, went to Biden as the winner. However, an examination revealed that 6, 000 special votes had been recorded in Biden’s name. Antrim County, where trump won by 2,494 votes out of 18,059, was re-counted by hand the next day after the problem was discovered.

Dominion’s voting machines are now used in 69 of the 83 counties throughout Michigan. And in Morgan and Spalding Counties, Ga., the Dominion voting machine malfunctioning left residents unable to cast ballots for up to two hours, and the final vote was delayed by 11 p.m., Nov. 3. In Gwinnett County, a “bad data card” led to the postponement of 4,000 absentee ballots and 460 live votes. But Dominion says, “This problem is isolated and not widespread.”

Eric Trump, the youngest Trump son, tweeted about the Dominion voting machine maloperating and lashed out at the Third party software, ElectionSource, used by the system, for coming from hell.

The Dominion, a voting machine company, has ties to Democratic parties, according to donations made public by the Washington Post. In 2014, Dominino donated at least $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation. In addition, Dominino invited Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, a law firm in Washington that is headed by Nadeam Elshami, a former senior adviser to Current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It’s hard not to associate with all the connections. But Alex Halderman, director of the Center for Computer Security and Society at the University of Michigan, points out that there is no evidence of large-scale election problems, and that Antrim County’s error was caused by exceptional circumstances. If the same problem occurs in other counties, it will be detected in the regular process after the election. And it would be almost impossible to overturn the result in Michigan. Biden defeated Trump in Michigan by 50.6 percent to 47.9 percent, leading by 150,000 votes.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Friday explained to the public what he blamed as a ‘human error’ in the counting in Antrim County because local election workers failed to update the election software, causing an error in the count. Benson says local election workers have worked hard, but people make mistakes, and Michigan has checks and balances to make sure mistakes are detected and corrected. Several other counties using Dominion equipment say they have not detected any irregularities.

With the exception of Antrim, county elections using the Dominion in Michigan were consistent with historical results, with Trump winning 63 out of 69 counties.

To gather information about electoral fraud, the Trump campaign has set up a hotline for supporters to report it. As a result, the hotline was overrun by TikTok’s young men before it was overrun by supporters.A TikTok user called Cheesecaseacite recorded his call to the hotline. ‘What kind of electoral fraud have you seen?’ the operator asked. I see people scribbling on the ballot papers, she said. Then the phone was hung up.Disney Channel’s Gravity Falls founder, Alex Hirsch, posted a video of him using characters from the show to make hotline calls voting in 2020 presidential election. I went in, I got a big sack, And I just started taking out the ballots, and I didn’t have to hide it.

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