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The death of Diego Maradona has brought the country into a three-day period of mourning

The sudden death of legendary soccer star Diego Maradona has added to the woes of the 2020 generation.

Outside the soccer superstar, Maradona is the standard of Latin America’s left wing。Argentina’s presidential palace announced that the death of Diego Maradona, the country has entered a three-day period of mourning diego maradona career stats.After a lifetime of controversy, the superstar has been mourned around the world.

To Argentina and the continent at large, the Buenos Aires slum legend is more than just a soccer star. He is Argentina’s national hero and a symbol of left-wing politics across the continent.Challenging the “lead brother” of the powerful。Throughout his life, Maradona never forgot where he came from, always stood with the people at the bottom, and rebelliousness and fearlessness for the powerful was always his creed.Fiorito, a slum in Buenos Aires where Maradona was born and raised.

Growing up there shaped Maradona’s mind and character: rebellious, extreme, disdainful of authority, lost in himself.Outside the soccer superstar, Maradona is the standard of Latin America’s left wing

Diego Maradona once said that Fiorito made him tough, even cold. He was sometimes a revolutionary and a saint, sometimes a rascal and an asshole.Maradona came to prominence after joining Boca Juniors in Argentina. The fans of Argentina’s most prestigious club are mostly blue-collar and poor.Outside the soccer superstar diego maradona best goals, Maradona is the standard of Latin America’s left wing.

Maradona had a difficult time adjusting to life at La Liga giants Barcelona after moving from Boca Juniors in 1982. His career at Barca did not succeed and the club did not accept the new king.

In addition to soccer superstar diego Maradona, the flag of Latin America’s left wing, tweeted his condolences.In 1984, Maradona moved to Serie A side Napoli, who were struggling to avoid relegation at the time maradona goal of the century.In the following seven years, Maradona brought Napoli two league titles, two runners-up and a Uefa Cup title.The rise of Naples was seen as a triumph of the underdog over the powerful, and Maradona was the leader of the revolt against the football aristocracy.”I only want to go to Napoli, because Juventus are filthy and powerful, and my whole life is about turning a bad thing into a miracle!” “Maradona said.

After maradona’s death, The city of Naples also paid the highest tribute to the hero, the city held a mourning, the team’s home stadium in Sao Paulo also changed its name to Maradona stadium.

“In the pre-match interview we said, of course, that football has nothing to do with politics, but all we had in mind was revenge for those Argentine boys who died in the Falklands.Maradona said years later, recalling the 1986 World Cup quarter-final against England.

In that match, Maradona led Argentina to a 2-1 victory over England. In this game left the eternal classics: “The hand of God” and “the goal of the century diego maradona goal vs england”, in the history of football painting a strong mark.

In 1982, Britain and Argentina fought the famous “Anglo-Armagh War” over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands in the South Atlantic (known as the Falkland Islands in Britain). Britain defeated Argentina on its doorstep.So the 1986 World Cup clash with England was not simply a game for the Argentinians, but a revenge.Maradona dominated the game, scoring two goals in the history books, taking his team through to the final over the dead bodies of the English and eventually winning the title.

“I said it was the hand of God after the game, but it was Diego’s hand, and it was like a great raid on the English!” Maradona later recalled in his autobiography that it was in his mind to avenge himself on the enemy at all costs.By a stroke of luck, Maradona became a national hero in Argentina.After his success, Maradona became a political celebrity and even received an audience with the Pope.During the 1990s, Maradona supported the right wing and the neoliberalism of Argentine President Menem. Maradona, however, soon found that the position on the right was out of keeping with his background and character and moved to the left.

Maradona has the tattoo of Che Guevara, the symbol of Latin America’s revolution, tattooed on his left arm.”Many Argentines remember guevara, the famous Cuban communist they killed, and he made us proud,” he once said maradona 1986 world cup.And Che’s quote: “In a revolution, a man either wins or dies.” Has always been Maradona’s favorite slogan.If Che was Maradona’s spiritual idol, Castro was his mentor and political guide goal of the century maradona.Castro is tattooed on Maradona’s left leg, which he used to score the “goal of the century” against six men.

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