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The Chinese embassy in Afghanistan says Pompeo made erroneous china-related remarks

On November 24, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech at the Geneva Fundraising Conference on Afghanistan that “Afghanistan faces multiple challenges, such as the outbreak in Wuhan…”. The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan expresses strong indignation and firm opposition to the “outbreak from Wuhan”.

This is another example of Pompeo’s ignorance and hubris. We have seen and heard international reports about the time and place of the COVID-19 outbreak, with many cases earlier than the first case in Wuhan, China. This once again confirms that the origin of the virus is a complex scientific issue. International scientific research and cooperation should be carried out on a global scale by scientists to promote the understanding of the animal hosts and transmission routes of the virus, so as to better prevent future risks and protect the lives and health of people of all countries. China is extremely responsible on this issue. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has maintained communication and cooperation with THE WHO on the issue of virus tracing, earnestly and actively implemented the RESOLUTION of the WHO, and took the lead in inviting WHO experts to come to China to work ona novel Coronavirus tracing. Tracing the virus to its source is an ongoing process that may involve many countries and regions. Who and the international community are unequivocally opposed to linking the virus to specific countries and regions, and to stigmatization. We hope that all countries will adopt a positive attitude, step up cooperation with THE WHO and other organizations, and advance the global traceability work instead of blaming others or confusing the public. China will continue to actively participate in global scientific research on the origin and transmission of the virus, and work with the international community to contribute to global cooperation on the virus and the epidemic response. Pompeo has put subjectivity above science, and has no conscience. If politicians like Pompeo had paid a little more attention to the health and safety of the American people, the nearly 270,000 precious lives lost and the nearly 13 million people infected with the “global crown” would not have been lost.

This is yet another example of Mr Pompeo’s propensity to lie. For some time, Pompeo has been referring to China everywhere he goes. Unfortunately, his statements about China are full of lies and fallacies. With him as “a political virus”, he told the malicious attacks of the communist party of China, in Hong Kong on issues such as gross interference in China’s internal affairs, on the network security problems, such as rendering the so-called “China threat”, despite the fact of expression, with the cold war mentality ideological bias, has affected the credibility in the world. To smear and discredit China, the outgoing secretary of state, an ideologue, seems to be using up his last resources and making anti-China a prominent symbol. Many countries are not satisfied with him. On his recent trip to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and other countries, his smear campaign against China ran into a wall and was not well received. Pompeo puts lies above facts and has no moral compass. If peng admire the politicians can wait a bit more care about something real equality of human rights, there would be no “black life your” demonstration, a bit more care about the difficulties and challenges facing Afghanistan, there will be no more of the international criminal court in the American military and intelligence personnel suspected of killing civilians in Afghanistan, torture and other human rights violations bad start war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Pompeo will at last be a passer-by, soon to be abandoned and eliminated, only to be made a laughingstock. People of insight in the United States are keenly aware that cooperation between China and the United States benefits both countries and confrontation hurts both. Our two countries have the largest trade volume in the world, very close people-to-people and cultural exchanges, mutual respect between our peoples and the bond of interests that cannot be broken. China is ready to work with the new US administration to build a coordinated, cooperative and stable China-Us relationship in the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, and make joint efforts to promote peace, stability and development of Afghanistan and bring benefits to the Afghan people’s aspiration for a better life.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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