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Strong alkaline food to enrich blood and prevent hair loss

Actually every female pays attention to his appearance quite, but comb hair again after washing the hair every time list of alkaline solutions, can drop a lot of hair, worry about him to be able to move backward of hairline, baldness especially. But recently nutritionist Big Joe and I had a delicious food, after eating, it is really hair loss reduced, the doctor will not tell you, it is a strong alkaline food, blood tonic to prevent hair loss, elderly eat! It is kelp, kelp is a kind of nutrient rich alga, contain carotene, vitamin, calcium, iron not only the nutrient element such as, still contain a lot of sulfur protein to wait for nutrient material, can enrich blood to raise colour, reduce trichomadesis, make the hair becomes piteous beautiful. Today small make up to bring you is the kelp wax gourd soup, very delicious, the following and small make up together to learn the way it!

Seaweed white gourd soup Ingredients:

A piece of white gourd, a piece of kelp, a pinch of salt

Cooking steps:

1. Soak the kelp, soften it, and clean it

2. Wash the white gourd after peeling

3. Kelp cut into small pieces

4. Put the wax gourd and kelp in a casserole

5. Add fresh water

6. Set the soup pot button

7. Soup is ready in two and a half hours. Season with salt

8. Light to relieve the heat

Cooking Tips:see the color choose brown green, tan brown green, tan kelp is normal. Look at the color, brown green or earthy yellow kelp is a relatively normal color; The dark green kelp is fresh kelp which turns green after being boiled and then processed by cooling, salting, dehydration and other processes. It is generally used as a cold dish can strong alkalines burn eyes. The emerald kelp may be soaked by added pigment, so consumers should pay special attention to the choice. 2, feel the brown green kelp viscose to choose the big, dark green kelp after processing, there is no surface viscosity. However, the chemically treated kelp does not feel tough. 3, choose the above layer of white kelp is called mannitol, kelp water dried after the sun, mannitol will be precipitated attached to the surface of kelp, thus forming a white frost. Mannitol has the effect of lowering blood pressure, diuresis and reducing swelling.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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