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One Plus co-founder of the new company to buy the father of Android mobile brand Essential

Rubin, the father of Android, once started a smartphone business, but failed miserably. According to the latest news, a co-founder of China OnePlus has acquired Rubin’s smartphone brand, Essential.

Pei Yu, co-founder of OnePlus Technology in China, recently launched a new tech company called Nothing, according to reports. Nothing has acquired the Essential phone brand, media reported, citing a regulatory filing from the UK’s Intellectual Property Office.

Rubin, the creator of the Android operating system, left Google in the middle of an embarrassing sexual harassment scandal before launching a new venture into the smartphone industry with the “Essential” phone. Rubin vowed to compete with Apple and Samsung Electronics in the high-end mobile phone market, but the only phone he released sold poorly, and Rubin’s entrepreneurial dream was shattered.

Nothing’s purchase of the brand was reportedly completed on Jan. 6, just before Pei Yu officially announced Nonthing. The acquisition involves trademarks, logos and other brand equity.

It’s unclear what products or projects Nothing plans to develop under the Essential brand.

In addition to smartphones, Essential had previously envisioned releasing smart home products, but those plans have been cancelled.

Rubin’s later time at Google was reportedly less than honorable, including a $90 million compensation package before he left the company after a sexual harassment scandal, which triggered strong dissatisfaction and criticism frogoogleB2 employees.

It is reported that Nothing will announce new product information in the future, when the outside world will get to know the new use of Essential brand.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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