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Mr. Trump’s efforts have failed, and Mr. Biden will be sworn in on Jan. 20

According to US media reports, on November 22, the team of US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden urged the current US administration to formally recognize the election results and smooth the transition of power. Mr Trump, meanwhile, has not given up hope of overturning the election and continues to press his controversial claims of electoral fraud. Mr Biden’s team said Mr Trump’s efforts had been ineffective and that Mr Biden would be sworn in on January 20th. Joe Abraham, the head of Biden’s transition team, called the GSA’s actions decisive.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has informed President-elect Joe Biden that it is ready to begin a formal transition process, according to a letter sent Monday afternoon by Emily Murphy, the agency’s director.

The GSA has identified Biden as the “clear winner” of the general election, clearing the way for the transition process to begin, Bloomberg political correspondent Emma Kinery reported, citing the Associated Press. The 2020 US election has attracted global attention. Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, has a wealth of executive experience, connections and foreign affairs knowledge. If elected, he will have tremendous energy, organizational skills and governing expertise.

During the campaign, Mr Biden assembled a lavish diplomatic “dream team” of 20 working groups, 49 co-chairs and more than 2,000 people. If elected, Mr Biden will revise an increasingly erratic US foreign policy, with China inevitably becoming one of the centrepieces of its overall foreign policy. To judge U.S. policy toward China after Biden’s election, one must understand the composition of the U.S. diplomatic team.

Mr Biden’s diplomatic team, a mix of “genuine” and “competent” talent, will include a number of key figures who will move into different positions when he takes office. For now, the core members of Mr Biden’s diplomatic team, known as his “direct forces”, will be the main people with whom China will deal directly after he takes office.

Antony Blinken, 58, is jewish and comes from an elite diplomatic family, the son of a former U.S. ambassador to Hungary and the grandson of a former U.S. ambassador to Belgium. His wife served as Biden’s assistant for intergovernmental affairs and public liaison before becoming assistant Secretary of State for education and culture.

Blinken, who was Clinton’s chief foreign policy writer, followed Biden in 2002 as his national security adviser before rising to deputy secretary of state. If Mr Biden wins, he is likely to become the President’s national security adviser. On the issue of China, blinghen has set the tone for china-us relations that “higher than higher than lower”. He supports preventive diplomacy and military deterrence, insists on trade rules and reciprocity with China, and opposes “One Belt And One Road” by building a “league of democratic countries”.

Tom Donilon, 65, was President Obama’s second national Security adviser. His younger brother, Mike, who has been biden’s campaign adviser since 1981, is known as “Biden’s alter ego.” His wife served as chief of staff to Jill, the second lady. Donilon has coordinated high-level dialogues between China and the United States for many times and is familiar with Chinese leaders. After Biden takes office, he may become a senior adviser to the White House, who will inevitably consult with Biden when making decisions on China.

Eli Ratner, 43, is a younger generation of China experts. He is executive vice President of the Center for a New American Security, founded by former Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell. Ratner worked under Campbell at the State Department, where he was in charge of China. The two have published several joint articles on China in recent years. Ratner joined Biden in the U.S. Senate in 2002 and became biden’s deputy national Security adviser in 2015. If elected, Biden could be a key figure in China policy, either as a deputy at the White House National Security Council or as an Asia-Pacific affairs officer at the State Department.

Biden diplomatic team several key figures, from left to right, from top to bottom in turn as follows: the former policy of the State Council department secretary jack Sullivan, former deputy secretary of state Antony blinken, former ambassador samantha power, center for a new American security, executive vice President, vice President biden’s national security adviser, Mr Leigh ratner, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan rice, the former deputy secretary of state Nicholas burns.

Jeffrey Prescott was also vice President Biden’s deputy national Security adviser. He lived in China for seven years and founded the Yale China Center in Beijing in 2002. He is a visiting professor at Fudan University and a visiting scholar at Peking University Law School.Two other members of the “branch” are from the Defence department, both of whom served as Mr Biden’s deputy national security adviser when he was vice-president. One is Veteran Europe specialist Julianne Smith, a decorated Federal Republic of Germany, and a possible US ambassador to NATO or the United Nations. One is Brian McGione, a former deputy under secretary of Defense, who was the executive secretary of the White House National Security Council, responsible for administration, budget and personnel.

Mr Biden has also recruited policy elites from different factions of the Democratic Party who have long been involved in various administrations. To accommodate all interests, he will appoint these people to positions commensurate with their experience and abilities.

Jack Sullivan, 44, is an acknowledged foreign-policy strategist and political “rising star” in the Democratic Party. He is a direct descendant of Hillary Clinton, her choice for national security adviser in the presidential campaign, and she has even spoken out about a possible future run for President.

Sullivan worked on the Clinton campaign twice in a row and followed her to the State Department, where she ran the policy planning division. Sullivan, who had planned to resign when Clinton left the administration to focus on options, was pushed by Obama to retain him because of his ability. He became Vice President Biden’s national security adviser and helped lead the negotiations for the NUCLEAR deal with Iran. Once traumatised by Mrs Clinton’s defeat, he rallied and founded the National Security Action Organisation (NSA), a think-tank that includes almost all the key members of the Democratic establishment’s foreign and national security circles, to oppose Mr Trump’s foreign policy.

Kurt Campbell, 63, an assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs under Barack Obama, was a key architect of the “asia-pacific rebalance” strategy. He had a large number of students, and even during the Trump administration, he was also found in all departments of the State Department. His diplomatic philosophy had a great influence on the professional circle of American diplomacy.

In July, Campbell published in Foreign Affairs, “Is China’s Diplomatic patience over? Criticising China for abandoning its “policy of restraint” and blaming China for deteriorating relations with the US represents a shift in the perception of China by much of the Democratic Party’s professional elite. In September 2019, Campbell and Sullivan jointly published an article entitled “Competition Without Disaster” in foreign Affairs magazine, pointing out that the U.S. engagement policy with China has ended, but it should not enter into the cold War mode. China and the United States can coexist, and should not compete for the sake of competition, so as to prevent the bilateral relations from sliding into a dangerous state of conflict.

Biden’s team includes many elite women, and to demonstrate his “pink power” and diversity, he is likely to appoint a number of senior women to foreign and national security decisions. Susan Rice, 56, Obama’s former national security adviser, was once on Biden’s short list of vice presidential candidates because she is an African-American woman. She is likely to be appointed secretary of state if Biden is elected. She is now on biden’s transition team, one step closer to becoming secretary of state.

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