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Mr Trump has a good chance of bringing in top human rights lawyers to fight his case

A few years ago, The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, received good reviews. The story is about Matthew McConaughey’s “Lincoln lawyer,” who was not originally named Lincoln but got his nickname because he often rode in a Lincoln limousine. The “Lincoln Lawyer” has been in his business for years, handling the case of a Beverly Hills playboy accused of assaulting, raping and attempting to murder a call girl. The case was simple, too. The “Lincoln lawyer” would have been quick to help the playboy win the case, easily collecting a large legal fee, and even on his way to success. However, the “Lincoln Lawyer” later found out that the playboy was the abuser, never mind that he was used.

A few years later, looking for evidence of massive fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, President Trump hired a Lincoln lawyer, a true Lincoln lawyer named Lucian Lincoln Wood, from the traditional red state of North Carolina.

Mr Trump’s Lincoln lawyer is well known in the US as an activist, but Mr Wood spent the first two decades of his career in obscurity, mixing personal injury and malpractice cases. It wasn’t until 1996, when Wood successfully defended a security guard who had spotted the bomb in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, that he began to gain industry recognition. He later defended then-presidential candidate Herman Cain against sexual harassment charges in 2012.

With so many lawyers in the US, why did Mr Wood fall for Mr Trump? Back in 2019, Nick Sandman, a 17-year-old high school student wearing a MAGA cap (Make America Great Again), smiled at a performance by an Indian tribal veteran at a memorial service for Native American veterans. It is this smile that has been accused by the “left” CNN, the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets of mocking the native Americans. Wood’s lawyer, who has a reputation for being a hard nut to crack, successfully forced CNN and the Washington Post to pay a whopping $250 million in damages for defamation.

Trump, who has long been a thorn in the side of CNN and the Washington Post, cheered the lawsuit, taking to social media to cheer on sandman, a high school student: “Nick, fuck him! Go get them Nick.”

Which media outlet is Trump’s favorite heading into election Day? Fox News. The most hated media? CNN. Trump even kicked CNN reporters out of the White House during a press conference, repeatedly calling CNN a “fake news producer.”

Wood to make a speech in public meetings, he said that the election in the United States, according to the phenomenon of alleged massive fraud is facing a constitutional crisis in the United States, if he can’t find out on November 3 (presidential election they) late at night and even after the truth of the matter and what has happened to bring americans will lose has freedom.

A few days later, on November 14 local time, Wood’s lawyer suddenly tweeted that Biden and his team were not sleeping well tonight because a U.S. Army CIA team raided the Scytl server facility in Frankfurt, Germany, and recovered “very convincing” data that all servers had been taken over! Scytl provides voting systems for a third of the electoral districts in the United States. Wood seemed to be right.

Since taking over Trump’s “petition” case, Wood has been tweeting that the biden team’s evidence of fraud is irrefutable and that many people will go to jail.

Although the Trump campaign has filed fraud lawsuits in several states, only Georgia has so far announced a manual recount because of trump’s close margin of victory over Biden, which was just 0.03 percent. Mr Wood has revealed that the governor of Georgia got kickbacks from the machines and is now simply counting the votes, whether they are legitimate or not.Under intense pressure, Gabrielle Sterling, Georgia’s executive director of polls, said that even if the tide were to turn, the state would count every vote under its law.

At the same time, Mr Trump’s road to petition, though difficult, is not all in vain. The Trump campaign scored a small legal victory On Thursday when a judge in Pennsylvania ruled that counties should be barred from counting postal ballots that failed to verify voters’ identity against state records before November 9. It was not immediately clear how many votes would not be counted in the results, but it would not affect Mr. Biden’s current 54,000 margin of victory in Pennsylvania because those votes had never been counted in the official results.No matter how famous he is or how many tough cases he has taken on, Mr Wood has so far failed to change the course and outcome of the US presidential election.

As more western heads of state are congratulations on biden elected, some republicans, including President trump’s key ally, chairman of the senate judiciary committee graham, all that should be in accordance with the practice, put as president-elect Joe biden, listen to the White House daily intelligence briefing, let his face the threat to fully understand the current us before.

Even Mr Romney, who has not always dealt with Mr Trump, helped to smooth the way for him, praising him as a 900-pound gorilla who continues to wield enormous influence as the most powerful voice in the Republican party.

After a few rounds of golf in recent days, Mr. Trump appeared to be in less of a bad mood, signaling through aides that he would accept the outcome of the election, even if he did not concede defeat. Because Mr Trump’s “power of 89 million Twitter followers and 71 million votes is not going away”.

Trump held a press conference in the White House Rose Garden on Nov 13, his first public remarks since the us mainstream media predicted biden’s “victory”. Trump still refuses to concede the election. Us media analysis suggests the comments could signal failure to win re-election.

Significantly, aides predict that Mr. Trump will not rule out running for President again in 2024, when he will be 78 years old, the same age as Mr. Biden. It has also been suggested that Mr Trump even wants to set up a digital media company to take down Fox News and compete with a news outlet that is friendly to American conservatives.For Internet users, the loss of Donald Trump is a lot less fun in American politics and a boring world without his voice.

First, the background: The world congratulated Biden on his victory. Although Trump refused to admit, but the prospect of a lawsuit bleak, high probability, it is difficult to reverse.

Mr Abe, a good friend, has also started to spill the beans.

In an interview with the media, Abe revealed a little secret.

Mr. Trump, he said, feels Japan is a bad friend and has repeatedly raised the question that the responsibilities of the United States and Japan are very unequal. If Japan is attacked by North Korea, the United States will fight for Japan. But if the US were attacked by China, Would Japan do nothing?

Mr Abe hastened to reply: “I have amended the interpretation of the Constitution and implemented the [new] security law. As a result, support for my cabinet has fallen by 10 per cent.”

In other words, in order to protect the United States, he introduced new security laws, even though his approval rating dropped by 10%,So loyal, what’s the end result?

According to Abe, Trump was delighted and repeatedly praised Abe: “You are a samurai.”

Trump asked Abe: Since when and at what rate has China been increasing its defense spending?

Mr Abe began by telling Mr Trump that It had taken China nearly 30 years to increase its defence spending by about 40 times, and that no other country in the world had done so at a rate other than China.

And here’s a little close-up. Mr. Trump looked surprised at the answer.Then the US started to deal with China. According to Mr Abe, America’s current diplomacy with China “has worked.”

1. Trump does not know the actual situation at all and needs to consult Abe.

2. Abe solved the big leader who knew nothing in a few words.

Well, he said he was wise and mighty, and the great governor was particularly ignorant.

Trump’s first state dinner was dedicated to Macron, who was personally dusting macron and whisking him into the White House.Two big men hand in hand, the scene is particularly warm.But the relationship deteriorated further into Mr Trump’s later years. In any case, Macron was quick to congratulate Biden when he declared victory, ignoring Trump’s mood.Even more interesting is the recent pompeo visit to France, the French attitude.

1. France announced that the meeting between Pompeo and Macron was requested by the US side.

2. The Content of the talks will be fully disclosed to Biden by the French side.

This is so targeted. After all, while Biden was widely recognized in the West, Trump refused to make the transition and blocked Biden’s access to classified material.

Pompeo, as US secretary of State, is even more loyal to Trump, having said some time ago that we will have a smooth transition… To a second term in the Trump administration.The whole Country was in uproar. But this immediately poses a problem, Pompeo visited France, all recognized Biden’s election, the US secretary of state still insisted that it was Trump, how to talk?So, in particular, the French stressed that Pompeo could do the same, but at the request of the Us.Johnson, whose nickname is “The Donald Trump of Britain,” has been a delight to see each other.

When Johnson was running for reelection last year, Trump broke with convention and went directly on the radio, saying: ‘Johnson is a fantastic person. I think he is the right person for the moment…

Angry with Mr Johnson’s rival, Labour Party chairman Jeremy Corbyn, who protested loudly that Mr Trump had grossly interfered in British affairs…

This year, Johnson was diagnosed, and Trump was the first to call the overseas, all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

If he can, Mr Trump has helped; Can’t help, trump helped. It feels like the whole world can get rid of Trump, but you can’t Johnson, you guys are real buddies.But when Biden declared victory, Johnson, with a clenched jaw and a stamp of his foot, was the first to congratulate him, despite Trump’s insistence: ‘I’m the winner.’And Johnson was the first European leader to call Biden, before Merkel and Macron.

More interestingly, in a subsequent briefing to Congress, the Congressman asked Johnson: Do you have any advice for Trump? Johnson had this to say:I had a good relationship with the former President of the United States… But I’m glad to see that the incoming Biden and Harris administration can reach common ground with us in many areas.

But Mr Trump, who appeared in public on the afternoon of November 13, was suddenly seen “turning grey overnight”.In the past, Trump’s best feature was his flowing blond hair.Americans are saying, is the President so sad that he turns gray overnight?Of course, some people have also analyzed whether the original golden hair was dyed, this day forgot to dye, so it became gray.But whether his hair turns gray or he forgets to dye it, one conclusion is certain: Trump is so unhappy and in a sort of trance that he’s gone gray overnight.

Although the 2020 election of the President of the United States have to democratic former vice President Joe biden elected and decided, and the results also received a number of countries admit, but due to the current President of the United States trump still refused to throw in the towel, and accused the Democrats “cheating,” many “watch” theatre audience also happy to continue with trump.

However, whether Or not Trump admits defeat, the US election is not over yet, because the most important election that will truly determine the future direction of the US, whether Biden can change the country, and whether Trump can “kill back” in four years has already begun, and the battle between the two sides continues!First of all, as we all know, not only is the President of the White House up for election this year, but all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives (which are elected every two years) and 35 seats in the Senate (which are elected every six years) are up for grabs.

And in the U.S. political system, the party that controls both houses of Congress, especially the Senate, which is the Upper house, will be crucial to Mr. Biden, who takes office in 2021. If his Party wins both houses of Congress, Mr Biden will be on a roll for at least the next two years, and his policies will have a good chance of passing a Democratic-controlled Congress.

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