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Many Americans cannot afford insurance against infection and the worst is yet to come

Both make money, and foreigners and Chinese have one of the biggest consumption differences: buy insurance. When it comes to insurance, Chinese people are just like “talking in a tiger’s color”. As soon as they hear about selling insurance united american insurance company provider portal, they put it into the “blacklist” directly. However, foreigners treat insurance as if it were a treasure.

Although there are no exact statistics, China is notorious for not buying insurance. Similarly, foreigners are known for buying insurance. Someone once said: for the same 2 million, the Chinese people will buy a house and a car in the first place, but for the Americans, they will buy insurance in the first place. The current outbreak in the United States is in short supply, B famous stood up the new yorkers Guo Jierui shouldering, for short video media, shows the Chinese people an American folk perspective of new yorkers anti epidemic situation in the United States, also has many Chinese people explain the United States under the system of a series of make Chinese people feel some magical government actions, people’s mentality, etc. For example, Guo compares Trump to a property manager, the relationship between U.S. states to neighbors, and the state epidemic to a water leak. In addition, Gerry Guo has also paid attention to many hot topics such as the American version of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, the Novel Coronavirus treatment fee and the Food strain in America, which have attracted a lot of attention in China.

Looking at America from the perspective of insurance, Jerry Guo shows us a more real America.”Not all Americans have insurance,” Guo told China Newsweek on April 8. “Teachers over the age of 65 and very poor people can get government insurance, and it’s cheap to see a doctor. If you don’t work for the government, you can only buy commercial insurance, which costs $5,000 a year.” The Congressional Budget Office says almost 30 million Americans will be without any insurance in 2019. Now the administration has begun to say that if you don’t have insurance, the government will pay for your treatment of COVID-19, but it hasn’t been agreed yet. The government has not yet received its $1,200 compensation for each person united american insurance company medicare supplement, and there may be a long wait. Unemployed people can receive unemployment benefits, up to $600 a week.

I often hear people around me say: How rich the United States is, how developed the United States is, and how happy the common people are. Let’s take a look today at the contrast between China and the United States in this disaster.Disdain for illness is nothing new in the United States. Most in the U.S. are private hospitals, and half of the doctor is a people business, so in the United States, to treat disease of medical cost is very high, the United States is a commercial insurance in countries with high maturity, disaster and disease most want to rely on commercial insurance to solve, but there are still a lot of people because they have no insurance or underinsured don’t went to the hospital to see a doctor.

This new crown in the United States, in addition to more than $3,000 (RMB 20,000 yuan) nucleic acid testing is free, pay attention! Nucleic acid testing was also self-funded in the early days of the epidemic and free later. All other medical expenses need to be paid by patients themselves. What is the concept of coVID-19 in the United States? For most people, it can be devastating.In this case, if you’re infected united insurance company of america claims, the cost of an isolation ward is $4,000 a day. If there are no complications, the final cure costs $9,763. If the illness strikes, the final treatment costs $13,767.

There are two things in American life that you can’t run away from and you can’t hide from. The first is taxes and the second is insurance. The cost of treatment depends on the insurance and the treatment needed by each person united world life insurance provider portal. If you buy better or the highest standard commercial insurance, it’s free.Most American health plans have high deductibles (deductibles) above which you can pay for your care and below which you have to pay out of pocket.A few days ago, the news broke that a 17-year-old American boy infected with COVID-19 was rejected by the hospital because he had no insurance. He died of illness the same day.

American writer Yijun Ma once said in an interview: After visiting Chinese hospitals, I deeply realized the corruption of the American medical system.Mr. Ma: Treatment in China is very inexpensive and very effective. If I hurt my leg, I’ll go to the hospital and get a CT scan, which is $50 at most, which in the United States is multiplied by at least 10. In the United States, if you go to a hospital and say you have a respiratory problem, you’re sick, you suspect that you’ve got a novel Coronavirus or some other disease, the first thing you need to do in these medical procedures is to consider whether your insurance will cover that. Otherwise, the whole procedure will probably cost you $3,000. In fact, this system is full of all kinds of corruption. Obama realized this and tried to reform and create a “Obamacare”, but failed in the end.New York Times editorial “America’s health System Is Killing People”.

According to Gallup, a pollster, each year, 15 million Americans delay the purchase of prescription drugs due to high drug costs, 65 million simply give up treatment due to high medical costs, and 137 million people face financial difficulties due to illness.The so-called democratic and developed countries are nothing but castles in the air if they cannot guarantee the right to life for ordinary people.Let’s take another look at China: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the cost of treatment for patients has been the top concern of the people. What is the average cost of treating coVID-19 patients? Who will bear the medical costs?The medical insurance settlement of 93,238 confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients nationwide (including settlement of outpatient visits) involved a total cost of 1039.6 million yuan, and the medical insurance system paid a total of 677.34 million yuan.

There were 44,189 confirmed patients nationwide, with a total cost of 75.48 million yuan and an average cost of 17,000 yuan per person united insurance company of america claims, of which about 65 percent are covered by medical insurance (the rest is subsidized by the government).In a word is: this time will be coronavirus pneumonia test fee or treatment by the state of charge pay out, wuhan a ICU, director of the physician said that rescue a will be coronavirus in patients with severe, discharge from hospital to basic, with ECMO treatment, it takes roughly the cost of nearly four hundred thousand or so, without ECMO is around two hundred thousand.Another doctor exposed a bill for a patient with severe illness. The total cost shown on the bill is 11,287,39.66 yuan, more than 11.2 million yuan. And these are also paid by the state.

The state is willing to spend more than 1 million yuan for a most common patient. A big word here, looking at the whole world medicare verification online for providers, almost no country can do it. You can criticize many parts of this country, but when life is really destroyed, you will realize how good China is.While the cost of this coVID-19 treatment will be borne by the country, in retrospect, we are not at the risk of disease only once in our lives. How do we deal with those unavoidable risks when the epidemic is over, and who can you rely on for the rest of your life?

The book of War often says, “If the horses and the troops do not move, forage will go first.” Only by ensuring sufficient supplies can we hope to win the war. Life is not a battlefield. What we can do is to think of danger in times of peace and prepare for rainy days. Only when we have food in our hands can we keep calm.Insurance is the best source of security. The person who makes the worst plan deserves the best result.Both of them are surprised at each other’s actions, and they don’t know how to identify with each other. Chinese people will think why they are so “stupid” to buy insurance. It can be seen that insurance has been labeled as unfriendly in the eyes of Chinese people.According to the previous statistics, the insurance rate of Americans is 420%. What is this concept? The average person has 4.2 policies! Such an insurance rate is impossible to see in China, but the Japanese are even higher, with an insurance rate of 650%. But the Insurance rate of Chinese people, less than 100%, that is, the average down, a person may be less than a policy.

We can understand the cultural differences between countries. Why insurance, a universal “concept”, varies so much from country to country?In fact, this has something to do with everyone’s investment philosophy. Most Chinese people prefer conservative investment, and they are relatively resistant to venture investment california medicaid eligibility income limits. China’s savings rate is the highest in the world, and it is the highest all the year round. So people have money the first time is to save money, rather than spend money, but will not spend on insurance.Contrary to the first savings rate in the world, Chinese people have a weak awareness of insurance. Although insurance is a guarantee product, the chaos of the domestic insurance market has led to people’s loss of confidence in insurance. We have come to adopt the same attitude towards insurance: distrust, disapproval, non-participation.In this regard, experts also pointed out 3 points, and most people, because of these 3 points, and gradually away from insurance, until finally resist insurance.

The meaning of the existence of insurance is to get the corresponding compensation when an accident happens, but most of the domestic insurance products medical income guidelines for 2021, after an accident, the process of settling a claim is very tedious, complex, and even some people can not get a claim at all.For buyers and sellers, when one party is present “enthusiasm” too much, will let the other side feel eat “deficient”, and the insurance market is a typical, since the insurance agent model were introduced, the Numbers of insurance company let countless people of vexed, each person’s side, almost all is a friend that sell insurance.Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to sell the products, but the insurance company USES the wrong method, which eventually leads to the consumers being further and further away from themselves. Moreover, the claim settlement method of domestic insurance companies really needs to be improved. After all, such news as “the insurance company refuses to pay compensation” is not rare in our life.

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