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Liquidation of Maradona’s estate: 11 children competing for a total of 90 million Euros

After maradona’s death, the distribution of his inheritance has also become a focal point. According to Marca, the lawyer representing Maradona has started liquidation proceedings. But this liquidation is destined to be a farce.Maradona had said he would give away his entire fortune, but because of his sudden death from a heart attack, the law allows his children to inherit two-thirds of the money. Maradona doesn’t have much cash, but his fortune is estimated at 75 million to 90 million euros, plus three luxury cars and several properties.

At 90 million euros, that would give maradona’s children 60 million euros. But the question is, how many children does he have? Ma has five personally approved children, including two daughters from a previous marriage, Darma and Janina, and a loving 34-year-old son, Diego Jr., a 23-year-old daughter, Hana, and 7-year-old son, Diego Fernando.The problem is that there are still six people claiming to be Maradona’s illegitimate children who also want a piece of his legacy. The oldest of the six is 24 years old and the other five are 19-21 years old. Four of the six are Cuban, and Ma has long been in drug treatment in Cuba. The six must prove they are the illegitimate children of the king if they are to receive the inheritance. Two days after Diego Maradona’s death, his daughter Dama Maradona took to social media today to say an emotional goodbye to her father.

“I used to be very afraid of dying, but I’m not afraid any more, because I know that’s when I’ll see you again and hug you again.”

“I miss you already. Although you leave my heart a big empty, but I will keep going. I love you, dad! I will continue to love and defend you for the rest of my life, because I will always be grateful for the time we spent together. I am sad, but I will move on to the end where we will meet again. I’ll practice your favorite song so we can sing together when we meet again.””Love you is not a hard thing, recalling the past bit by bit, I never imagined my life without you. I have by my side the best husband in the world and a daughter who supports me to keep going. Life is like this, we will meet again soon! I’ll decorate your socks with a few daisies. Please take a look at me again, just like in our photo! I love you forever! ‘

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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