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Joe Biden superteam emerges as the next four years in U.s.-China relations

On November 23, CNN reported that the GENERAL Services Administration (GSA) had informed Biden’s team to officially begin the transition process. Later that evening, the same media confirmed that various departments of the U.S. federal government had also received an email confirming That Biden was elected President.

“Today, November 23, 2020, the Director of the General Services Administration has confirmed Joe Biden and Senator Camara Harris as candidates for President and Vice President, respectively, under the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, as amended,” the email to federal government contacts said.

The email may be seen as a first step in Mr Trump’s admission of defeat, although he later said on the social networking site: “Our case will go on, we will keep fighting a good fight and I believe we will win! But in the best interests of our country, I advised Emily and her team to follow the initial procedures and do what needs to be done, and I told my team to do the same.”

At present, Biden is speeding up the formation of a new cabinet to lead the next four years of domestic and foreign administration. Shao Yu, chief economist at Orient Securities, told China Times that Biden and Trump have more in common than differences on China policy. The difference is only in the form, and the pressure from China has not dropped. “Since Joe Biden took office, China and the United States have not changed in the general direction of upholding the multilateral framework, promoting globalization and opening up to the outside world.” He said.

Yohannes Abraham, executive director of biden’s campaign headquarters, said the transition would begin with discussions on pandemics and national security.Biden and his running mate Harris spoke in Wilmington, Delaware, on the night of November 7. “We have won the most votes for an elected President in the history of this country, 74 million,” Biden said in his speech. He also pledged to be a President who seeks unity, not division.

Since then, Mr. Trump has refused to concede and has filed lawsuits in several states, but the results have been disappointing.The GENERAL Services Administration (GSA), with the support of President Donald Trump, officially informed Biden on Monday that the transition process had been approved. In a letter to Biden, General Services Administration Director Emily Murphy noted that millions of dollars in federal funds and other resources could now be used to begin the transition.

However, Mr Trump said on Twitter that he would continue his legal action against the current election results, but added: “I have advised Emily and her team to do what is required to prepare for the initial transition process and I have told my team to do so.””US President Donald Trump said on Monday that he would no longer oppose his administration’s efforts to assist Joe Biden’s transition team, the closest he has come to admitting he has lost the US election,” a media report said shortly after Trump’s tweet.Johannes Abrahams welcomed the GSA’s decision, calling it “a necessary step to begin to address the challenges facing the country so that we can contain the epidemic and get the economy back on track.”

The first batch of cabinet nominees, published on Biden’s Transition website, focus on national security and foreign affairs, as follows: Antony Blinken (Antony Blinken) as secretary of state, Mayo cass (Alejandro Mayorkas) President of the department of homeland security secretary, Avril lavigne, Haynes (began Haines) as a director of national intelligence, Linda Thomas Greenfield (Linda Thomas – Greenfield) President of the United States ambassador, Jack Sullivan (Jack Sullivan) as a White House national security adviser, former secretary of state John Kerry (John Kerry) President of climate envoy.”Today, I am announcing the first members of my national security and foreign policy team,” Biden wrote on Twitter. They will unite the world to meet the challenges we face — challenges that no one country can meet alone. It’s time to restore American leadership, and I believe this team can do it.”

According to Shao, Biden and Trump have very different styles of conduct, and the two parties’ governing concepts and policy positions are also quite different. Just as Mr Trump withdrew from TPP and ended Obamacare at the start of his presidency, a Biden administration is likely to embark on a “right the ship” approach.Shao believes that after Biden took office, the possibility of China and the United States sliding into the cold war state decreased, and the possibility of returning to the optimal state increased. If neither Mr Trump nor Mr Biden has given up on pushing China to open up further, there will also be big differences in approach, with the former advocating bilateral reciprocity and the latter advocating multilateral pressure.Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Clinton’s chief foreign policy writer, has been biden’s national security aide since 2002, before moving up to deputy secretary of state. On China policy, Anthony Blinken said on a TV program in September that the US economy will not completely “decouple” from China’s, which is inevitable for the development of global economic globalization and also the need for the development of US enterprises. But he also said that if Biden is elected, “the United States will have to communicate with China from a higher Angle than China, so that the United States does not have to be bullied by China.”

In addition, Biden once published a heavyweight campaign article, “American Foreign Policy after Saving Trump”, which clearly put forward the basic policy framework of domestic and foreign affairs, restoring democracy at home and implementing “middle class foreign policy” abroad. First, the United States will work with other Western countries to shape rules on everything from the environment to labor, trade, technology, and transparency, with the weight of more than half of global GDP. Second, the United States will take strong measures against China so that China does not dominate future technological and industrial development. Third, the United States intends to work with China on “issues where our interests converge,” such as climate change, nonproliferation and global health security.

So Biden made it clear during his campaign that Russia is an enemy and China is a competitor.

“With Biden in office, china-U.S. relations have become much more predictable, frictions over trade, finance and people-to-people exchanges are expected to ease, and in the short term tariffs will be considered and trade agreements reviewed. Long argued for new rules to restrain China; The game between China and the US will enter a long-term, rules-based and more controllable state, but he will also advocate the formation of a more targeted Western united front alliance that will constrain China’s technological upgrading and the conceived process of a new generation of globalization in the long term.” Shao Yu said.

Finally, Shao Yu believes that the long-term game between China and the United States will not change with The coming of Biden, but become clearer. The necessity for China to turn to internal circulation as the main body and for internal and external circulation to promote each other will not decrease, but increase. After all, the United States is likely to join hands with the European Union and countries around the Asia-Pacific region to exert pressure on China. The future pattern of competition and cooperation between China and the United States depends on the efficiency of each internal circulation and the tension of external circulation.

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