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Immunity is the best doctor! To strengthen your immune system, keep your body in balance

Immunity is strong and weak. To make your immunity stronger is to improve your ability to maintain balance.

For example, encounter a little cold evil, sneeze, the body immediately the cold out of the body, the body continues to maintain a balance of cold and heat, will not easily catch a cold.

When the body is always in a state of balance, it is not disturbed by external evil forces. Even if the virus landed on your side, also can only shiver, dare not cross the field half step. Your righteous qi (immunity) is majestic, not evil qi can dwell in the land.

What is the right balance to strike? Let’s see.

1. Environmental balance

All healthy and long life, must keep in balance with the environment. Under the epidemic, our overall environment cannot be changed. The small environment in which the human body is located can be changed.

Clean and tidy environment:

The person bedroom space, when make clean sheng (clean), clean sheng by aura, do not sheng by reason gas. … One er, when the number of clean bath. — Zunsheng Bajian

The air must be pure and fresh dry humidity also wants appropriate: the air is too dry, the person is not comfortable, mucous membrane of nasal cavity does not have appropriate humidity, reduce easily the ability that resists foreign evil, let foreign evil drive straight into. The air is too humid, easy to mold, moisture is also easy to wear people’s health, people’s immunity decline.

Especially in the south, the simplest method, 10 square meters of the bedroom with Atractylodes, Angelica, ai Rong each 3 grams, break into small pieces or into powder in the incense burner lit, pay attention to fire prevention.

Atractylodes: strong smell, dry wet cut filth, the most can drive away evil evil gas; Angelica dahurica: dispels wind, clears nose, dissipates cold and dampness; Ai rong: the nature of pure Yang, through twelve classics, clearing damp in cold, exorcism insect.

Clearing damp, exorcism. If you want to try the ready-made ones, choose the old driver and go to Tibet specially to find a good Tibetan incense.

Here’s what he said:

Different with perfume or sweet atmosphere, Tibetan fragrance is in the change that the meeting in burning process reflects as your mood gives different level, reach by shallow deep, arrive by deep shallow.

Tibetan incense is made from various Kinds of Tibetan medicine, and its basic efficacy of air purification and sterilization is well known. However, theoretically, Tibetan incense can also increase Yang qi in the aura field. It is possible for incense to flow through the channels and collaterals of the body and relieve fatigue. Can eliminate the dirty gas in the air especially, have special curative effect to all sorts of influenza and infectious disease prevention and cure.

However, some people feel a little blunt, after all, the incense is thicker, suitable for large areas. There is a incense of incense, the aroma as if from a domineering strong man, into the curl beautiful woman. Clean the home, burn a incense, comfortable, if the home aura is very good, the smoke will burn very straight.

2. Dynamic and static balance

“Lying down for a long time hurts my breath”, “sitting for a long time hurts my meat”… To keep healthy, it is necessary to have balance between relaxation and relaxation, work and rest, and movement. Many people lie more and more useless when they are in isolation. They do nothing but have no energy.

“Sitting for a long time hurts the flesh”, the spleen is the main meat, so sitting for a long time hurts the spleen, is not with the spleen, spleen and stomach for the acquired origin, the source of qi and blood biochemical.

If you sit for a long time, your muscles will stay in the same state for a long time, resulting in stiffness. At this time, your spleen and stomach need to give him more qi and blood to nourish him. Sitting still is not conducive to the transport of food to the spleen and stomach, and the absorption of nutrients will be reduced, resulting in less qi and blood production.

Mr. Li Xin, a Chinese medicine doctor, believes that a good immunity is the state of sufficient qi and blood. Whether the immunity is strong or not can be judged by the “nine words of truth” :

Whether there is enough qi and blood (qi and blood flow channels are unobstructed) is uncertain (spirit is stable) that is to say, a person with enough qi and blood, unobstructed meridien, spirit is stable, means that have a strong immunity, the virus is discouraged.

The best exercise is: let qi and blood flow, can also let qi and blood stay in the body, but also can calm down the heart.

Here recommends the gan Run tea is mainly good at tonifying the liver and kidney, qi and blood, and run but not dry, not easy to get angry. Mulberry could nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and promote saliva. It was recorded in the Book “Diet Chart with Interest” that it could “nourish liver and kidney, fill blood, dispel wind and dampness, walk briskly, relax deficient wind and clear deficient fire”. .

Match medlar to nourish liver and kidney, benefit shrewd eye; Then use Chinese yam to strengthen spleen and qi, and to strengthen lung and kidney. Huangjing tonify qi and nourish Yin, strengthen the spleen and moisten the lungs; Longan flesh nourishes the heart and spleen and benefits qi and blood. It can be said that nature and the day after tomorrow complement each other.

But also specially added raspberry, many people may not know it, raspberry: solid fine shrink urine, benefit liver kidney bright eyes. What does that mean?

In Traditional Chinese medicine, kidney qi can stabilize Yin fluid, and raspberries can enhance this function. Make sure that the body can be fixed when filling, stay in the body to have the best effect ah.

Practice badan brocade more, improve cervical vertebra problem, nourish qi and blood, connect channels and collaterals, calm spirit and settle determination. When you finish a set, if you feel refreshed instead of sweating it out, it’s a way to nourish yourself.

3. Psychological balance

Emotions make people sick. The effect of consciousness on the body is very great. When all one’s energy is expended in anxiety, tension, anger, and depression, there is less energy to defend oneself against foreign enemies.

Light joy, calm and happy, is the most nourishing, so that their gas is not consumed outside. As for emotion, I have to say that the liver, liver master cathartic, so that the body of the gas smooth operation, regulating the normal mood.

Like a tree, the liver likes to stretch and not to be restrained and restrained. When we feel depressed, oppressed, stressed, worried and nervous, our liver qi will be depressed. And liver and advocate catharsis, have dredge to the qi of the whole body, smooth reach action, liver qi yu knot, the movement of whole body qi and blood, body fluid can be blocked, light person makes you uncomfortable, such for a long time, the body grows easily a few hyperplasia, nodule, myoma, tumor. Bad mood, the most injured is our liver, both men and women will be.

Common manifestations of hepatic obstruction:

Dry mouth bitter mouth dry itchy eyes sigh, easily upset, depressed, angry thoracolumbar pain, chest distress indigestion (abdominal distension, poor appetite, abnormal bowel movements) Men: prone to prostate disease, sexual dysfunction; Lady: Prone to irregular menstruation; Diseases of the breast; Gynecological diseases such as uterus and ovary. To dredge the liver meridian, there is a particularly simple and good method of operation, is to push the liver meridian.

Push the heel of the palm from the thigh to the knee. You can also make a fist and push down with the second joint of your four fingers. I’m going to push 300 at a time.

Liver classics some impassable person, just start to push will have a little pain, especially impassable person, will ache wailing, you can apply some essential oil, one is fragrance to help ease the mind, relax the body, two is soft moist push up more energy.

But push the liver through the best artifact is electric massage brush, direct hand push, pain do not say, feel both hands have to spend, but use electric massage brush is very labor-saving, strength can be very fast infiltration conduction, the most critical is not so painful, easy to burn.

4. Balance of zang-fu organs

In the eyes of Traditional Chinese medicine, immunity mainly comes from the health of the body. It is related to the five organs of the body, among which the spleen, lungs and kidneys are the most important.

To raise the spleen and stomach is to enhance (produce more) immunity

Qi in TCM is not metaphysics, nor is it made out of thin air. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that qi is constantly changing and moving, and wei Qi is not naturally produced by the body. It needs the body to eat and absorb the essence of food to change into more.

If the troops and horses do not move, grain and straw should go first. This grain, needs the spleen and stomach to give continuously.

It is said by The Chinese Literature that “To keep people healthy, water and valley can be fierce and vigorous”. That is to say, Wei Qi is mainly produced by the refined grains transported by the spleen and stomach. So if you want to guard qi more, your spleen and stomach must be better.

Lung is to make the immune system stronger, to fight the disease front

Wei Qi is a very active guy. It moves very fast. It can run, but it can’t run anywhere.

Lung qi a body of gas, he can strengthen wei Qi, can xuanfa Wei Qi in the muscle surface, let wei Qi in the skin surface running, that is to say, lung qi strong, Wei Qi will be good at the front to fight a disease evil fight away.

(3) Kidney is from the root of nourishing health

Kidney hidden vitality, hiding the body of the spirit of the fundamental.

The health of the body is like that of a child, it is revitalized in the kidney, it is nourished by the spleen and stomach, it is commanded by the lung to go to the front, and then it will fight against the disease and protect you all the time.

Since we know that the production and strengthening of wei Qi is related to the lungs, spleen and kidney, diet therapy can eat more spleen-invigorating qi, kidney-invigorating lung food, such as Chinese yam, perch, pig belly, poria, white lentil, carp, peanut, chestnut, jujube, etc., often in a variety of eating.

Best feed: Lotus seed Gordon euryale seed

Gordon euryale seed can both strengthen the spleen and dehumidify it. Invigorate the spleen and stomach, and let it gain power; At the same time remove the body moisture, moisture, qi and blood move without encumberance, people will be relaxed, eliminate drowsiness.

Autumn body Yang qi is weak. People with weak spleen and stomach tend to have abdominal distension, indigestion, no appetite, no taste of food, and no shape of stool.

If the humidity is heavy, it is easy to feel the head is covered, like wrapping things, loose bowels, stool sticky toilet, fat with soft flesh, heavy limbs and lack of power, eczema, and serious will also cause fatty liver, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Leucorrhea of many women is the performance that the body is wet heavy actually, to the person with heavy spleen deficiency damp gas can Gordon euryale seed, atrachis, poria cogee eats together, if poria gorgon solid porridge, Chinese yam porridge of Gordon euryale.

When it comes to clearing damp, many people think of semen coicis. And the clearing damp effect of Gordon euryale seed is stronger than that of red beans and semen coicis. Moreover, semen coicis is slightly cold, which can’t stand eating for a long time.

Lotus seed: nourish spleen and stomach, clearing damp at the same time can also nourish the heart and calm the mind, heart peace can reduce worry, and worry too much is an important cause of spleen deficiency.

Chinese yam: invigorate qi and spleen, but also can nourish lung and kidney. Lung can regulate the channels of water, the kidney is the main body of water, the spleen is the main transport of water, heavy humidity, although the ability to transport water in the spleen fundamentally decreased, but regulate the lung, spleen and kidney can moisten more quickly.

Gordon Euryale seed and Chinese yam: both of them have the effect of tonifying the spleen and stopping diarrhea, and the effect of tonifying and benefiting is similar. However, the solid and astringent kidney essence of Gordon euryale seed is more than Chinese yam. Moreover, yams cannot be used by people with heavy humidity. To some extent, yams are not clearing damp. Yams’ strength lies in nourishing the qi of spleen and lung and nourishing the Yin of lung and kidney. If it is Yin deficiency, but the moisture is too heavy, you can Gordon euryale seed + yams. Especially for the elderly, children and pregnant women, after being Fried with a bit of Gordon euryale seed and Chinese yam, they will be turned into powder. They can be adjusted to porridge every day, which can help clearing damp nourish the spleen and at the same time nourish the Yin of the spleen, lungs and kidney.

Millet: The millet on the Loess Plateau, the most earthy, and the spleen belongs to the earth, in the five grains millet nourish the spleen and stomach.

Oat rice: better than oatmeal, it can strengthen the spleen and invigorate the qi. It is also a kind of grain that is not easy to eat.Jujube + raisin + peanut: nourish spleen and stomach, invigorate qi and blood, harmonize taste. Some people may ask, red dates raw wet, here also put red dates? Red jujube spleen, and can reconcile all kinds of taste, baked red jujube here, more is the effect of spleen and stomach. Put here, it is absolutely the existence of the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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