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Hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin will be legalised in several US states

The US states of Oregon and Washington have announced they will legalise small amounts of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey and Mississippi have also legalised marijuana, and only 15 US states have made possession illegal. Supporters say legalising drugs shifts “punitive” drug policies towards a more “humane and healthy” approach. The us states of Oregon and Washington recently announced that possession of small amounts of cocaine, heroin, hallucinatoria mushrooms and other hard drugs will be legalised (if people possess less than a gram of heroin or ecstasy arguments against drug legalization; Less than 2 grams of cocaine; Less than 12 grams of bare mushrooms; Fewer than 40 doses of LSD, oxycodone or methadone will no longer be a crime and will be fined $100 instead.)r

At the same time, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey and Mississippi also legalized marijuana. So far, only 15 U.S. states still insist that possession of marijuana is illegal.

The bill’s supporters say that the legalisation of drugs can bring additional revenues to the United States government, and to invest in it to provide medical services for drug users, this will change the previous “punitive” drug policy, turned to more in the direction of “humanity and health”, thus increasingly serious drug problem in the United States had a positive effect.

The passage of the bill immediately raised quite a few objections. Several district attorneys in Oregon argued that by foolishly decriminalizing drugs and forcing weaker members of society to accept them more easily arguments against decriminalization of drugs, the policy would lead to more serious social problems for teenagers.

Experts at the Oregon Rehabilitation Center also criticized the bill’s lobbying efforts for misleading Oregonians and undermining efforts to prevent teen drug use, setting the stage for teen drug use and even illegal drug trafficking.

According to US media statistics cons of drug decriminalization, the number of drug overdose deaths in the US has risen sharply during the epidemic pros and cons of drug decriminalization. In some areas, such as Oregon and Virginia arguments against decriminalization of drugs, the number of overdose deaths in the second quarter of this year was nearly 70 percent higher than in the same period last year.

Drug use causes tens of thousands of deaths in the United States each year decriminalization of responsible drug use, and excessive use of illegal drugs and prescription opioids has become the leading cause of death in the United States for people under 45. The root cause of all this is that, at the end of the last century, pharmaceutical companies assured the medical profession that patients would not become addicted to prescription opioid analgesics. Before these drugs were indeed highly addictive, they had been widely transferred and abused, with 4 to 6 per cent of those who had been abused switching to heroin after using opiates.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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