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Five hundred hours of Maradona’s life!!

Cannes film festival in 2019, the British director aspen, guide the documentary “diego – diego maradona” shown for the first time, before this film about maradona, gossip, rumors, this time, he provided more than 500 hours of private are not personally to aspen, public image, for always flamboyant maradona, the rare real may be able to tell a story you’ve never heard of life.”I want the respect most in Italy, the respect I didn’t get in Barcelona.”

In a brief interview on the plane from Barcelona to Naples in 1984, maradona had spent two unsuccessful seasons with Barcelona and was full of ambition and anxiety about the city, which was then in the relegation zone of Serie A.Europe’s poorest city signed the world’s most expensive player, before the news appear in every corner of the Naples explosion, here is very good interpretation of the essence of Italian football culture, it was not long before maradona is realized, the people here don’t live for yourself, don’t live for their children, their only passion is the game on Sunday night.

The first time he walked into the Stadium in Sao Paulo, 85,000 people surrounded the stadium, not only those sitting in the audience, but also those who climbed on the outside of the stadium, 85,000 people shouted: “Diego! Diego!”But things did not go as smoothly as he had imagined. Maradona did not understand that the football in Serie A was so rough, and he lost his first three matches against Napoli. Life in Naples fell far short of his demands: “I want a house, they give me an apartment; I wanted a Ferrari, they gave me a Fiat and everything was demoted.”

The world’s best players have also become a thorn in the side of away fans, who play away games with racist slogans such as “Go home and wash up and come back”. On November 3, 1985, during Naples’ visit to the Juventus Arena, The Juve fans screamed in the stands: “Like a dog that runs, neapolitans are here, they have cholera, they are orphans from the earthquake, they never clean their skin. Naples is Tuo X, the cholera capital of Naples, you are the shame of Italy, come on Neapolitans, you sold your ass for Maradona.”Anger, resentment and hatred of racism slowly rose in Maradona. “They were the fuel that drove Maradona and made him so fearless on the pitch.” In that game, Maradona scored a free kick that brought Napoli to a complete break after decades of being unable to win at Juventus, and it changed the city and the future of Serie A. Five Napoli fans were in a coma and two suffered heart attacks.The road to Maradona’s canonisation began, with Neapolitans squatting all night outside maradona’s house, his Fiat always surrounded by fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of him. The cult reached its apotheosis after winning the Serie A title in Naples, and almost every Neapolitan has two pictures hanging beside their bed: God and Maradona.

What does Naples mean to you? Asked maradona in an interview on the pitch after leading his team to the Europa League in 1989. Maradona replied: “My home, this is my home.” At the time, maradona, 29, could never have imagined that he would one day become a criminal and a sinner in his own “home”. Neapolitan boys in their underwear celebrated in the changing rooms, singing: “Mama, do you know what my heart is beating for? Because I saw Maradona and I fell in love with him!”

The streets of Naples, crippled, carnival lasted 2 months, people on the streets waving blue flag of Naples, setting off a cold fireworks, napoli fans who actually riding a bike to bring your wife to join to celebrate the crowd, walking past a cemetery, actually see cemetery outside wall banner on wrote: “you don’t know what you missed.””You don’t know what you missed,” read the inscription on the wall of the Naples cemetery that marked the 500 hours of Maradona’s life.

Neapolitans Revere Maradona as a god, and day and night they chant at his door: “Hooray! Long live!” Maradona’s wife, Claudia said that kind of feeling is just like maradona is chosen, people want to save the Naples street Pope Pope arms embrace the infant’s portrait was changed to wear Naples diego maradona, “you must not speak ill of maradona, criticism he is equal to god, you people can’t criticize god, because god is inherently superior.”

In Naples, Maradona has received more than respect. He was a living God, the only faith in the poor southern Italian city, so much so that “maradona or Italy” was a difficult choice for Neapolitans at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.Having been lifted into the clouds, Maradona apparently forgot that Naples was not only a soccer city but also a city of sin.Even before he launched his Napoli career, he had been warned when, at his first press conference at the Stadio SAN Paolo, an Italian journalist stood up and said: “Diego, do you know this city is full of Comoras?”

A stunned Maradona sat on stage while Napoli President Ferreno grabbed the microphone and shouted: “That’s an offensive question! I really doubt that a journalist should be asking that question.” As the crowd of reporters began to applaud, Firreno continued: “Right now! Get out of here! As President of Napoli, I order you to go!” “What happens here has nothing to do with the Comorra! Violence and crime that’s what the police have to deal with!”

At that time Maradona did not know much about the Comorra, the Mafia of the southern Italian city, and he looked at the excited Fileno without knowing that he would later become associated with the Gambino family that controlled the Comorra.

One day in 1986, the Gambino family issued a formal invitation to Maradona in the hope that he would be able to meet them at home. “The motorcycle stopped right in front of my house, and we rode to The Forceira [Gambino’s house], and we arrived with food and drink on the table, and there was this guy with a gun standing behind him [Kalminer, gambino family man].” “Kalminer told me to come to me if I had any problems in the future. He said they would protect us in Naples.” “It was all new to me. It was like being in a movie.”Maradona first used cocaine in a Nightclub in Barcelona in 1982. “Once I started taking drugs, I felt like A superman. Drugs were everywhere in Naples, and from then on I needed cocaine more and more.”

At a private party in 1987, maradona ogled beautiful people and was told by scantly dressed girls: “Stop touching me. Touch me again and I’ll get under the table and do something shy. Maradona smiled sullenly. “That’s enough. Stop talking.”

After the party, Maradona took several of his friends to a hotel, including Gennaro. “After arriving at the hotel, Diego went in and out of the bathroom a few times. At first I thought he was going to urinate a few times because he was drunk, but then someone told me that he was going to the bathroom for something else.” Gennaro quickly realized that Maradona was using cocaine and said to maradona as he left: “Diego, be careful.”

The Gambino family began to control Maradona through drugs. The cocaine was delivered to the door of His apartment on time as soon as Maladona asked for it, but the problem was that once people became dependent on the Gambino family, whoever they were would become their private property. Maradona asked Carminet: “Is there anything I can do for you?” Not long after, the Gambinos led him to a commercial dedication, a lavish soprano family that received a gold Rolex and, of course, cocaine on demand every time Mr. Maradona publicly stood up for them.

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