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Chinese and American satellites have broken up one after another in space.

The 18th Space Control Squadron of the US Air Force said on its official Twitter account on March 23 that a Chinese satellite was found to have broken up in orbit at 7:41 am on March 18. Twenty-one pieces of the satellite have been tracked so far. The cause of the disintegration is unknown. The satellite has an international code of 2019-063A. It was in a circular orbit about 780 kilometers high before its destruction.

Yunhai-02, a scientific exploration and experiment satellite owned by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, was launched on a Long March 2-D carrier rocket from the Weide Launch Center in Jiuquan on September 25, 2019. It is mainly used in the fields of atmospheric and Marine environment elements detection, space environment detection, disaster prevention and reduction and scientific experiments. It was developed by Shanghai Academy of Space Technology, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Coincidentally, the US Air Force’s 18th Space Control Squadron also disclosed on March 10 that NOAA-17, an orbiting weather satellite operated by NOAA’s Environmental Satellite Service, broke apart in space, resulting in 16 pieces of debris. The US said it was not yet clear what caused the explosion, but indications indicated that the disintegration of the satellite was not caused by a collision and that the cause of the satellite’s destruction was being analyzed.

The Long March 2-D carrier rocket carried the Yunhai1-02 satellite into orbit

Chinese and American satellites have been disintegrated in space, some netizens have speculated the reason for the disintegration. Currently, there are seven main directions:

Guess one: the United States satellite because of technical reasons or by satellite debris attack explosion, disintegration of debris hit the Chinese satellite, resulting in the disintegration of the Chinese satellite.

According to some analysts, China Cloud Sea 01-02 was launched in September 2019 and has only been in operation for one and a half years, so it should not be scrapped on its own. If it was hit by a missile, it would have produced more than 21 pieces of debris, so an impact with space debris is a more likely cause. Before that, the American satellite broke up, and the Chinese satellite was probably broken up by the American satellite debris or other orbital anomalies.

Second guess: The United States tested a laser weapon or an unknown space weapon to shoot down its own deactivated NOAA-17 weather satellite, and the resulting debris hit the Chinese satellite.

Guess three: the United States satellite do not know why disintegrate, its suspect is to be attacked by China, then use laser weapons or unknown space weapons to attack the Chinese satellite.

The cause of an explosion on a US satellite is unknown, leading to speculation that the explosion may have been related to a US space weapon being tested. Because the United States has more than once used decommissioned satellites to develop and test space weapons. In addition, the United States has been increasing its efforts in laser weapon research and development in recent years, so it cannot be ruled out that the United States will take Chinese satellites in space as targets to test their effectiveness.

The picture is a schematic diagram released by CCTV after the launch of Yunhai1 Satellite 02

Fourth guess: the US first destroyed its own satellite to test its laser weapon or unknown space weapon, and then used the Chinese satellite to test its effectiveness.

GUESS 5: China destroys the US satellite to show military strength or international situation, the US shoots down the Chinese satellite to retaliate. However, this speculation is not currently valid. Because China has always pursued a conservative defense policy and will not take the initiative to attack others.

Speculation 6: Chinese satellite and the United States satellite are technical reasons to disintegrate themselves. This speculation, at present, is the most likely. Because while China and the United States are currently in competition, they have not yet escalated into a direct military confrontation, nor in space.

Guess 7: the satellite of the United States and China is to attack by space garbage and disintegrate.

In any case, these speculations can only be used to analyze the real reason for the disintegration of the satellites of the two countries. We can only come to a conclusion after the technical analysis by the researchers of the two countries. At this time, we should not “partial to listen to believe,” but “listen to both.”

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