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Chang ‘e-5 landed on the moon three consecutive victory, breathtaking fall of black science and technology open

On December 3, The Chang ‘e-5 lunar probe, China’s first lunar sampling spacecraft, successfully landed on the northern side of the moon’s frontal storm ocean on the night of December 1, 2020.

At 22:57 on December 1, the chang ‘e-5 lander and the lifter, located about 15 kilometers from the lunar surface, began the power descent operation. After a rapid attitude adjustment, they gradually approached the lunar surface.

The chang ‘e-5 probe successfully landed on the moon at a pre-selected position at 2:11 PM and sent back images of the landing.

The chang ‘e-5 lunar probe’s successful landing shows that it has become the third Chinese probe to make a successful soft landing on the moon. It will collect about two kilograms of lunar soil samples. The probe comes 44 years after the last Soviet lunar probe, Moon-24, collected samples from lunar soil.

“Breathtaking” in the process of the fall of the moon, many black technology can be said to have made great contributions, Chang ‘e-5 adopted the “coarse essence relay obstacle avoidance” way, it can hover to avoid obstacles, the point of the moon.

In addition, the landing buffer mechanism, chang ‘e-5’s four legs, ensured that the probe could be reeled in and out easily.

The riser centrally controls the computer as the “brain”. The star sensor acts as an “eye” to assist in the probe’s descent.

The “pot”, a flexible directional antenna, sends data from the moon back to Earth.

Previously, NASA’s Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity rovers all used airbags to land, avoiding the delicate obstacle avoidance at the end of their landings. Curiosity, which is currently operating on Mars, and Perseverance, which is on its way to the red Planet, are too heavy to land with an airbag.

The successful landing of the Chang ‘e-5 probe, together with the previous chang ‘e-3 and Chang ‘e-4 probes, shows that China has conducted its third consecutive successful soft landing on the lunar surface.

So far, the Chang ‘e-5 probe has successfully completed automatic sampling of the moon’s surface, announcing the completion of “packing” the lunar soil.

Russia’s previous lunar probes could only bring back 200 grams of lunar soil at a time, while China’s could be increased tenfold to 2,000 grams, Russian experts said. In addition, the chang ‘e-5 probe’s complex return to Earth method is also more difficult than the technology used in the United States and the Soviet Union.Since the beginning of the 20th century, mankind has made great progress in landing on the moon thanks to the Chang ‘e series of probes. This time, Chang ‘e 5 will bring back lunar soil samples, which is undoubtedly a huge milestone. This reflects the comprehensive national strength of a country from one side, which is more inseparable from the spirit of Exploration and innovation of Chinese spaceflight personnel.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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