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Biden was caught in a scandal by the US media Trump said I didn’t throw in the towel

Joe Biden is in a scandal by US media? Russia Today (RT) quoted a US media source as saying that Joe Biden, once the US “president-elect” of the United States, was the first President of the United States. A cancer charity that Biden founded has raised millions of dollars without allocating a single penny to medical research, instead spending most of its money on high salaries. Interestingly, the gag was then silently retweeted by trump’s official presidential portrait…

RT: Tax documents show that Biden’s cancer charity raised millions of dollars without spending a penny on medical research.RT cited the New York post reported that in the United States, the United States, federal tax documents show Biden and his wife was established in 2017 Cancer charity Initiative “” Biden Cancer (Biden Cancer Initiative) in the operation of the first two years are not allocated, it will be a lot of ways and means to pay official presidential portrait donald trump: the 2017 fiscal year and fiscal year 2018, the agency raised donation of $4809619, and this two years of wage bill for $3070301.

New York Post: Tax documents show that Joe Biden’s cancer charity spent millions of dollars on payroll expenses and not a penny on research.The report also singled out Gregory A. Miller, a former executive at Pfizer, the US drug company, and a healthcare lobbyist. Gregory Simon, who earned $429,850 in fiscal 2018, nearly double what he earned the previous year, was also elected President of the organization. Like Mr. Biden, Mr. Simon was a member of the Obama administration, leading a White House cancer task force.

RT also said that not only was its salary high and it had never made a financial contribution to cancer research, but travel expenses for the charity also soared between 2017 and 2018. Just two years later, when Biden and his wife resigned from the charity to run for President in 2020, the charity “suspended” operations.

The Biden Cancer Initiative, founded after The death of Mr. Biden’s eldest son from brain Cancer in 2015, sees itself as “developing and promoting solutions to accelerate progress in Cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care,” RT said. In July 2019, the agency ceased its activities. Although technically active, the group is in a “deep dormant state,” the report said. Simon also acknowledged in a 2019 interview that without Biden, “it’s getting harder and harder to get the traction we need to get the mission done.”

Interestingly, RT noted that the New York Post report also caught the attention of current U.S. President Donald Trump, who Shared the story on Twitter in the early hours of The morning without commenting.

RT said Trump had previously described the Biden family as a “criminal syndicate” and said the former vice President’s alleged improper dealings with foreign companies showed that Biden was a “corrupt” politician president trump official picture. Biden has denied the allegations, dismissing reports in the US media as an attempt to “smear” him and his family. In a tweet, US President Donald Trump said for the first time that Biden “won” the election, saying it was rigged.

In a tweet, Mr Trump accused the vote count of a lack of oversight and attacked the US media. The tweet immediately caught the attention of many mainstream foreign media outlets, including Bloomberg and Sky News, which noted that it was the first time Trump had called Biden the “winner” since the US media declared biden the winner.

The trump campaign had previously insisted there were problems with the vote count and had launched lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and elsewhere. But nine of the lawsuits have been dismissed or dropped by the team itself, according to CNN’s count of the 14th. In addition, The state of Georgia has announced a manual recount of all votes, but said it was not a request from the Trump team, but a reasonable one. Does that count as an admission of defeat for Trump? He said biden won 😮 for the first time.

“Joe Biden won because the elections were rigged, the poll monitors and observers were not allowed in, the votes were counted by the radical left Dominion company, the Dominion was not well known, the equipment was inferior donald trump presidential portrait painting, and he was not even supposed to be in the State. I won the state by a huge margin, fake and silent media and more!” ​​​​

“Rigged election, we will win!” trump tweeted below. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, the law firm that led the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, said it was pulling out…

The Trump team decided to drop the lawsuit in Arizona because Biden’s lead was too large to influence the disputed vote.At the same time, his legal team was also attacked by the new coronavirus, and several cadres were diagnosed with the coronavirus.After the election donald trump official presidential portrait, the Trump campaign bombarded supporters with emails asking them to donate money to help trump fight his campaign.

But both days the media reported,Not all of the money was spent on litigation.[Money donated to Trump’s election case could be used to help pay off Trump’s campaign debt]Donations of less than $8,000 to the Campaign Fund will not be used for election suits but will go to Trump and the Republican National Committee, Reuters said, citing details of the fundraising document.Donors must donate more than $8,000 before the money can be transferred to an account called the recount. For contributions of less than $8,000, the fine print has made it clear that the money will be used for “other priorities”.

“A significant portion” of the money went to Save America PAC and the Republican National Committee. The Save America POLITICAL Action committee was formed by Trump’s team on September 9.Reuters reports that any donation below $8,000 will be prorated into the accounts of the two committees.For example, if a supporter gives $500, $300 will go to save America’s POLITICAL action committee and $200 to the Republican National Committee. The recount account will receive “nothing” president trump presidential photo..

Trump’s daughter Ivanka has not spoken on social media since the results were announced.She and her husband are said to have urged Mr Trump to concede the election and preserve his reputation.Ivanka Trump appears to have given up completely best photos of president trump, and has been photographed returning to New York…And Trump, for the first time, tweeted that Biden “won!”But… Quote, Biden won because he lied on the ballot…

“He (Biden) won because the election was rigged! No oversight, and no Dominion, a radical, leftist, privately held company with poor counting, equipment and reputation in Texas (the big win state!). Not even close! Fake, silent media and more (nonfeasant institutions and individuals!) “Sources say Trump already knows he’s out of the running, telling aides that he will announce his candidacy for 2024 as soon as Biden is declared the winner…

On November 13, Trump held his first news conference at the White House since losing the election.Although he did not mention the election, or Mr Biden, this time he came close to conceding defeat.The rhetoric has shifted from “I’m going to win and I’m going to stay President” to “I don’t know who’s going to be in office next year.””This government will not blockade. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, which administration it will be next year. I think time will tell.”

He stopped short of outright conceding defeat, but this time his tone was noticeably less forceful than before…What’s more, some netizens have noticed that Trump’s hair has suddenly turned white.

“Either Trump’s hair colorist quit, or he wants to slowly morph into Joe Biden, thinking we won’t find out.””Does his hair accept reality more quickly than he does?””Trump was so angry this week that he forgot to use his hair dye of trump selection best picture.”

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