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His Secret Obsession by James BauerHow To Get Inside The Mind Of Any Man Visit our Free Presentation on His Secret Obsession The Secret To Building Forward Momentum In Your RomanticRelationship Lots of things matter in life. Your career. Your health. Your finances. But nothing matters quiteas much as your relationships. I mean, think about […]

Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Safe? A New Study Reignites a Long-Standing Debate

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics has given new life to a long-running debate: whether adding fluoride to drinking water is a prudent way to prevent tooth decay, or a potentially toxic mistake. The research, which focused on mother-child pairs from six Canadian cities, found that high fluoride exposure during pregnancy was correlated with lower IQ scores among […]

Yet Another Health Problem Linked to Air Pollution: Eye Disease

It’s no secret that air pollution isn’t good for your health. In particular, exposure to the byproducts of burning the fuel that powers most of our motor vehicles has been linked to higher risk of lung cancer, respiratory infections, stroke and heart disease, as well as an increased risk of death from these conditions. A new study now […]

Is high blood pressure always bad?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a risk factor for several health conditions, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other metabolic issues. However, is high blood pressure always a cause for concern? New findings question that assumption.   Having high blood pressure may sometimes have a protective effect. Up to 75 million adults in the United States have high […]

Can Keto Help With Fertility? One Man Thinks the Diet Got His Wife Pregnant

The high-fat, low-carb keto diet has earned a reputation as more than just a weight-loss plan. Animal studies suggest that it might have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, and the trendy diet may also help ease headaches. But one man is now claiming that not only did keto help him and his wife lose weight—it also helped them conceive. On Monday, the man […]