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Americans like to cook egg tarts hamburger steak chicken vegetables olive oil

What Kind of Chinese food do Americans like? An American guest is visiting and does not know how to cook?There are really big differences between Americans and us Chinese in diet. One is Chinese food, the other is Western food of easy delicious recipes for dinner. If you want to cook Chinese food for an American, try not to cook water for him or her, such as burning intestines.

Pig’s feet, duck’s feet, chicken’s feet and so on. Although we think they are delicious, westerners may accept them unless they are familiar with China. Otherwise, no matter how good the taste is, as long as they know what kind of raw materials are used, they will immediately resent it and dare not even taste it.I have an American friend who loves braised beef tenderloin with potatoes, braised beef in brown sauce and mutton soup. The 49 Chinese immigrants in the mid-19th century were among the first Asian immigrants, and Chinese food was the first to reach the new world. At the end of the 19th century, Chinese food began to attract fast-growing non-Chinese consumers from different ethnic backgrounds in major cities across the country, becoming one of the first highly commercialized ethnic cuisines, whose main purpose was to prepare the nation’s people far from home.

Americans have a very extreme attitude towards Chinese food — they don’t eat it, they don’t touch it at all, but if it’s something they like, they love it to death.In the early days, lack of food sources was the reason why Americans liked to eat Fried foods. For example, corn is a large food resource available to them, and corn is a big grain of food that they eat directly, roast and boil. It doesn’t taste very good, but frying always gives them a golden brown food with crispy texture. Naturally, another reason Why Americans like Fried food is that their cooking methods are not as rich as traditional Chinese food 10 quick healthy dinner ideas.

What’s more, Americans like to eat sour and sweet food because of the climate, while our Sichuan food, because of the complex environment, people need to eat spicy to sweat. In the United States, the climate is more pleasant, not too complex, so their taste left a sweet and sour taste.American Chinese food is designed to cater to American tastes, which are as hard to change as eating habits. Just as the noodles and dishes in traditional Chinese food are abundant, the outsiders sometimes miss their bread and cheese after eating them for so long. There are also traditional Chinese food ingredients that Americans can’t eat healthy meals on a tight budget recipes, such as chicken feet, pig’s feet, seaweed, bird’s nest and other ingredients that they find weird.

As I have lived abroad for 20 years, what kind of Chinese food do people like to eat in Britain and America? Many Chinese will say that spring rolls, roast duck, delicious chicken, pork, Fried rice, Fried noodles and more than a dozen other dishes are commonly eaten by foreigners in Britain and the United States. Do they really only like to eat these? The answer is no! In fact, many foreigners are not good at ordering food in Chinese restaurants, including my husband. To this day, I arrange every time I go to a Chinese restaurant. All he can remember is chicken, duck and fish, but the names of the dishes are still hard to remember very cheap meals on a tight budget. In fact, with the exception of a few foreigners, most people are not allowed to eat spicy food, eat seafood without shells, eat fish without bones, eat chicken except breast meat, chicken legs, chicken wings, cattle and sheep only eat meat, offal and other things.And on top of that, they’ll love most of what you make, so go ahead and cook what you think tastes good, and you’ll create something that they can taste while adding something new to their experience that will be more memorable than eating something familiar. It seems like I’m going to a Chinese restaurant tonight with a dozen of my neighbors, and they like every Chinese meal I order for them.

In the early days, people brought Chinese food to the coastal areas, such as Shanghainese and Cantonese inexpensive healthy meals for families, because at that time, air transportation was not very developed and they had to rely on ships for transportation. The first time was not to be a cook, but because of the lack of skills, many people are workers, they are thinking about Chinese food, but whether the local ingredients are appropriate, so they can only make changes. They opened their own restaurants before discovering that locals also liked Chinese food, and it was better to open a restaurant than to be a worker. Cooking Chinese food is also a skill for them.

The taste of American Chinese food does not have to cater to The Chinese, but to the Native Americans, so they have to change their original dishes. When it comes to taste, that is, regional differences. Even in China, there are many people in the north who are not used to Chinese food in the south. For example, south rice noodles are sweet in the south and salty in the north. Arab countries are mostly Islamic countries, when recommended first.

Consider halal restaurants. Only halal restaurants can produce dishes that meet the needs of foreign friends. It is best not to recommend beef for Indian friends, many Indians do not eat beef for religious reasons. For westerners, they don’t like to eat food that requires spitting fish bones or bones, either at the table or in other foods that require spitting. Raw ingredients that have not yet died, such as drunken shrimp inexpensive meals for families on a budget, are also less acceptable.If I invite guests to dinner or recommend Chinese food to foreign friends, I will first ask them what kind of food they are not allowed to eat. I would like to taste sour, sweet and spicy food, and then I would recommend which kind of food. Anyway, in today’s China, you can’t find any smell in any city.

According to my observation, Westerners like Chinese restaurants very much, especially Cantonese restaurants. Sweet and sour sweet sweet and sour pork, mango shrimp, iron plate beef, curry chicken, Yangzhou Fried rice, seafood Fried rice are all their first choices. It is true that the fastidious Westerners like to go to Italian or French restaurants. They do not have enough to eat but the environment is good. The key is that the waiters are beautiful and handsome. In China, rice is the staple food. In many Asian countries, that is, people in Europe and The United States, eat hamburgers, bread and other foods as the staple food, they like rice too much. In addition, they also have some misunderstandings about how to cook rice.

As you know, many foreigners have eaten since they came to China. They all say Chinese food is very delicious. It’s fragrant, fluffy, waxy, and you can eat a lot together. As a result, many foreigners want to cook for themselves, but in an incredible way.Take the French for example, the way they cook can be said to be unheard of never seen, in France, in the supermarket rice thirst, equipped with the French directly into a bag of water into the pot, after cooking the rice, paper clip bag, and then cut the bag with scissors, rice poured into the bowl, can eat.French people add a lot of salt, butter, jam and other seasonings to their rice. As mentioned above, you should also know in your mind how it tastes inexpensive meals for families on a budget. This way of cooking in China is likely to be lectured by the elders, so why don’t foreigners eat much? The food is not cooked right. It may not taste good. What do you think about that? Some Americans do not cook at home at all. The following is the specific content:

America is a country of culinary oddities. The local traditional cuisine is relatively lacking in character.But in the United States today, you can find food from many countries. In some restaurants and supermarkets, a lot of foreign food is on sale, and even the pickier gourmands can get their fix.

Although it is possible to buy food from many countries and use it for cooking, there are some Americans who are not so enthusiastic about cooking at home. Other Americans don’t even cook at home at all.What are the advantages of cooking at home?In addition to the obvious cost savings, cooking at home is usually a better food.After all, by preparing our own meals, we can ensure their cleanliness and the quality of the food products used. Eating out in a restaurant, however, may not have the same hygiene and quality of food.

The fast food culture is so popular that some Americans do not cook at home at all.Given the prevalence of fast food culture in some parts of the United States, fast food is usually cheaper and can be sold almost anytime.(Note that the term “fast food” above refers not only to fast food such as hamburgers, French fries cheap food for poor people, etc., sold in American fast food restaurants, but also to pre-chilled food sold in American stores or supermarkets, which is edible when simply heated.)As a result, some Americans tend to consume these fast foods instead of cooking at home.

So in the morning they can put jam on their bread, drink some coffee or milk, or have some ham.Then, these Americans go to work and eat at fast food restaurants during their mealtimes. If necessary, they can always order from the office and deliver quickly.You can also eat hot food with simple heating. Some Americans do not cook at home at all.If you walk around the major supermarkets in the United States, you’ll find plenty of refrigerators filled with food.These foods, usually refrigerated, are premade and can be eaten after simple heating, such as meats, salads, and even canned soups.Therefore, in some American kitchens, the more important household appliance is the microwave oven. For some Americans, microwave ovens can be used to heat refrigerated pre-made foods purchased at the store or supermarket.

Some Americans fill their refrigerators with such food that they can have a hot dinner with less housework done in a few minutes.So, that’s a Russian person talking about why some Americans don’t cook at home at all.

As can be seen from the above, the prevalence of fast food culture, lack of time, simple heating can also eat hot food cheap recipes for poor people, which is the main reason why some Americans do not cook at home.Of course, there are pros and cons to the way some Americans live their lives.It can save time, energy and expenditure, reduce the amount of housework and improve the efficiency of life.

The disadvantage is that whether it is fast food like hamburgers and French fries sold in American fast food restaurants, or refrigerated prepared food sold in American stores or supermarkets, food freshness, balanced nutrition, calorie control and other aspects of food may still not be comparable to cooking at home.

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