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Americans are good at getting rid of high blood fat Hyperlipidemia after extracting oil

Hyperlipidemia (etiology and pathophysiology of hyperlipidemia) is a common chronic disease, which does great harm to human health.

1. Hypertension: Hyperlipidemia will cause arterial vasospasm and induce adrenal glands to secrete vasopressin, leading to elevated blood pressure.

2, lead to coronary heart disease: excessive blood fat, gradually form small plaques blocking blood vessels, if the heart, will cause coronary heart disease.

3, lead to liver function damage: long-term hyperlipidemia will lead to fatty liver, and after the damage of hepatic atherosclerosis, hepatic lobule damage, structure changes, and then lead to cirrhosis, damage liver function.

4. Vascular sclerosis: Hyperlipidemia leads to the deposition and movement of a large amount of lipid protein in the plasma. After rancidity, the protein is deposited on the vascular endothelium and adhered to the vascular wall for a long time, forming vascular sclerosis.

Hyperlipidemia is mainly caused by long-term dietary imbalance, usually too much fat intake. The Chinese philosophy holds that all things are mutually dependent. This is not, American scientist research discovers, a kind of Chinese people use to do dish auxiliary material — Perilla, after pressing oil to purify, can reduce blood fat effectively.Perilla, some places called chicken, commonly used to remove the fishy smell pathophysiology of primary hyperlipidemia, is the most important medicinal and food plants in China. Perilla seed is also an important Chinese medicinal material — Perilla seed. It is used to extract oil from Perilla seed. The oil obtained from Perilla seed has a very good effect on reducing blood lipid. At present, suma oil has been used as a medicine to reduce blood lipid in clinic.

Suma oil contains about 65% of the omega-3 series alpha-linolenic acid, which is the highest omega-3 fatty acid content known in the world. It contains 80 times more omega-3 fatty acids than olive oil and 500 times more than peanut oil hyperlipidemia pathophysiology nursing.

Alpha-linolenic acid prevents the formation and development of cholesterol atherosclerosis, prevents myocardial infarction, reduces death from heart disease, and plays a protective role in cardiovascular disease by lowering blood lipid level, inhibiting thrombosis, and acting as an anti-arrhythmia. It is especially beneficial to reduce critical hypertension and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In view of the widespread deficiency of alpha-linolenic acid worldwide, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization have jointly announced that alpha-linolenic acid should be promoted worldwide, with the recommended daily intake of 1000 mg. Hyperlipidemia is a common disease in our life, the early stage of the hyperlipidemia has no obvious symptoms, therefore hyperlipidemia unspecified hyperlipidemia type, it is easy to the elderly, wait until later will appear dizziness have a headache, decreased vision, hemiplegia and performance, this is because the blood flow in the body gradually slow, cause blood clots, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Ms jiang is the sales director of an enterprise, 35 years old this year, in addition to often work overtime, usually spent most of his time in the entertainment, the company recently organized a full physical, ms jiang in physical examination diagnosed with high cholesterol, triglyceride level has reached the tendency for 4.6 / L, learned that jiang what does unspecified hyperlipidemia mean, recent situation, found that long-term social eat a lot of high oil, high salt, high fat food, blood lipids in the body gradually rise, especially salt plus work need to drink, triggered hyperlipidemia.

How much is the normal index of tall blood fat?

The indicator of hyperlipidemia is expressed by triglycerides. Therefore, triglycerides are an important indicator to measure the level of blood lipids. When triglycerides are lower than 1.7mmol/L, it means that blood lipids are at a normal level; when triglycerides are between 1.7mmol/L and 2.25mmol/L, it means that blood lipids are high in the body; when triglycerides are 2.26mmol/L, it means that people have hyperlipidemia.

1. Xanthoma

Xanthoxoma is one of the main manifestations of hyperlipidemia. Xanthoxoma generally appears around our eyes, and yellow flat bumps can be clearly seen, which is caused by the excessive lipid level in our body, resulting in the accumulation of a large amount of fat under the eyelid, resulting in the formation of xanthoxoma.

2. Blurred vision

Many middle-aged and elderly people will not care about the phenomenon of blurred vision, because the occurrence of blurred vision in a few seconds or minutes after the relief, does not affect the daily life, in fact, blurred vision is most likely to be the high level of blood lipid, resulting in the retinal nerve compression, resulting in the phenomenon of blurred vision.

3. Dizziness and headache

Headache, giddy is a kind of common expression in our life, occasionally, two headache dizziness does not have what too big effect, but regular headache giddy, be about to be on guard, this is blood is sticky and thick cause, blood flow speed slows down, make the brain appeared transient ischemic, anoxic.Regular examination is something that every one of us needs to do. Regular examination can not only prevent the occurrence of some diseases, but also understand their physical conditions, so as to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Therefore, no matter young people or middle-aged and old people should have a physical examination every year to confirm their physical conditions.

Routine is not light refers to sleep, but also refers to our daily diet and living habits, enough sleep can let the brain get adequate rest does hyperlipidemia cause hypertension, repair damaged cells, make the body functions of normal operation, so as to improve the ability of the body’s metabolism, and a good diet and lifestyle can reduce lipid accumulation, make blood vessels become clean and smooth.

Suggested that high cholesterol or high blood fat people usually in addition to pay attention to diet, you can also eat some nucleotide fat, it is extracted from soybean of unsaturated fatty acids, which can break down the emulsifying excess fat, make fat cannot deposit in the lining of blood vessels, reduce blood vessel blockage, accelerate the blood circulation, so as to prevent and improve high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. In today’s society, people’s material level has been greatly improved and their diet has become diversified, but the incidence of hyperlipidemia is also increasing. In fact, hyperlipidemia is often caused by the consumption of some high fat, high calorie food at ordinary times. And if blood fat increases, it is easy to block blood vessel and cause blood vessel disease. Therefore, we must pay more attention to observe our blood lipid level at ordinary times.

The arrival of winter makes it very difficult for us to get up in the morning. It is not because we are too tired to sleep at the same time, but also because we feel very tired. It may be because your blood fat is high, which makes the blood become sticky and leads to slower blood flow speed.

2. Leg cramps

Many people do not cramp their legs inexplicably. If it is not due to lack of calcium, it is likely that the high blood lipid in the body leads to blood unable to flow to the local area in a timely manner, leading to local spasm.Because of the extreme cold in winter, many people get cold hands and feet. Eliminate cold constitution hypertension and hyperlipidemia relationship, is likely to be the blood circulation problems, resulting in blood circulation between the hands and feet not smooth, causing cold hands and feet.

Tobacco and alcohol are the main causes of disease. Alcohol and tobacco make blood vessels narrower and more likely to clog them. Excessive alcohol kills substances that are good for us and is harmful to our health.Drinking and smoking are harmful to health, which will lead to various diseases in the body and make blood vessels become smaller and smaller, which is very easy to cause blood vessel blockage. Drinking a large amount of alcohol will increase the burden on internal organs, which has a great impact on the health of the body.The cholesterol content of egg yolk is very high. It is suggested that one person eat an egg every day, which can meet the body’s nutritional needs. If one eats too much, it will lead to the rise of blood lipid in the body.

3, fat

Fat in the fat content is very high, into the human body, if not through exercise to burn excess fat, will lead to increased blood lipid in the body.Fish food nutritional value is very high calorie is also relatively low, not only can provide the body needs nutrition, or high protein food, can prevent hypertension, hyperlipidemia disease, the benefits of the body is very much.Many young people have heard old people say that eating whole grains is very good for your health. Because the whole grain food contains the rich dietary fiber, can balance the body nutrition very effectively, enhances the appetite.Drinking more water in daily life has a lot of benefits for the body. High blood fat is caused by excessive fat in the blood, which leads to slow down the blood circulation. Water can dilute the blood concentration and effectively accelerate the blood circulation. If you add some food in the water to reduce blood fat, can effectively reduce the content of blood fat in the body. For example, dandelion, Luohanguo can hyperlipidemia cause hypertension, honeysuckle and other ingredients, which are prepared in a certain proportion and drunk together in water, are a snack formula for reducing blood fat of many TCM practitioners. According to the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, the principle of food and drug homology is as follows:

You can drink some lipid-lowering tea in your daily life. If you are busy at work or do not know how to configure according to the scientific ratio, here is a lipid-lowering tea bag recommended for you, which can effectively improve the lipid content and is easy to carry, and you can drink it after 10 minutes.Conclusion: Hyperlipidemia seriously affects your health. If you want to effectively improve hyperlipidemia what is hyperlipidemia in layman’s terms, you should strictly control your eating habits and exercise yourself. You can also drink some lipid-lowering tea bags in your daily life.

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