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A new Apple patent has been revealed that allows the Apple Watch to measure blood sugar without having to draw blood

Most smart wearable devices are developing in the direction of more sports and health-related functions, and constantly broaden their application scope to improve their application value and competitive strength.

This is where Apple is strong.

According to a new patent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is planning to introduce a technology called “Megahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging with Environmental Sensor-Enhanced Ambient Environment,” which would allow the Apple Watch to emit radio frequencies, then calculate the absorption of the radio frequencies to obtain a blood sugar reading.

Apple has faced some difficulties with the technology — integrating the sensor into an electronic device requires a hole or opening that allows the sensor to be exposed to air. However, this opening may also reduce the waterproof performance of the device, which puts forward considerable requirements and challenges to the waterproof design of Apple Watch.

In addition, blood sugar readings must be accurate. If the error is too large, users who use this as a guideline may run the risk of taking the wrong dose of insulin.

What’s more, an Apple Watch with noninvasive blood sugar testing would squeeze more space with more sensors, drain the battery much more quickly than in the past, and the price should rise as the cost increases.It’s worth noting that the patent application states that the technology could also be used to detect skin problems, though there’s no indication that Apple is investing in this.

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111 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online
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